Joe Biden, sensing nothing but bad news awaited him, bid farewell to New Hampshire long before yesterday’s voting concluded, slogging off to South Carolina like one of those Willie Nelson cowboys, “sadly in search of, but one step in back of, themselves and their slow movin’ dreams.”

Good for him. Why prolong the agony?

He wanted America to see him as Barack Obama’s faithful amigo, but all it sees is Hunter Biden’s bumbling dad who, like Sgt. Hans Schultz, keeps insisting, “I know nothing!”

And then there’s our own Elizabeth Warren who has to sense she’s on a similarly rapid descent into political irrelevance. With Amy Klobuchar satisfying anyone’s neurotic need to vote for a woman, Liz has less to offer than ever.

We in Massachusetts already knew what the rest of the country is gradually discovering, i.e., that her presidential candidacy is high on style but low on substance.

The fraudulent way she secured a place on Harvard’s faculty not only questioned her character but cast serious doubts on her professed concern for marginalized minorities, given the way she rode the coattails of Native Americans to feather her own nest.

Then, after pocketing $350,000 for teaching one course at Harvard, she had the audacity to masquerade as a champion for students faced with prohibitive tuition costs and staggering loans.

And just in case anyone saw her as a Cambridge elitist, she broadcast an Instagram livestream from her kitchen, during which she interrupted herself to say, “Hold on a sec; I’m gonna get me a beer!”

That was supposed to make us see her as authentic?

Please. Mike Dukakis looked more authentic wearing that helmet in a tank than Liz did quaffing a brewski. She’d have been better off reaching for a goblet of Chardonnay.

Think about it: That attempt to cast her as “one of the guys” said a lot less about her than it did about us, implying how easily we can be manipulated.

But, truth be told, it’s our fault for letting these candidates regard us so lightly.

What’s wrong with us?

Slugging a beer? This is how we determine who’s best fit to tangle with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in a very dangerous world?

God help us if we get what we deserve.

But the good news this morning is that all across New Hampshire our neighbors are waking up to much fresher air.

There’ll be no more interlopers clogging their streets or insulting their intelligence; life in the gorgeous North Country can return to normal.

The circus has finally left town, and not a moment too soon.

We enjoyed as much of it as we could stand.


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