Federal agents who have been conducting a long-running probe of the president’s son Hunter Biden believe they have ‘sufficient evidence’ to charge him with tax fraud and making a false statement on a gun permit, according to a bombshell report in the Washington Post.

Federal prosecutors have made no decision on charging Hunter Biden with a crime, and his lawyer blasted what he called a DOJ ‘leak,’ demanding an investigation of anyone who put out the information.

Hunter paid an outstanding tax liability back in 2020 and acknowledged a probe into what he called his ‘tax affairs.’

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The investigation was sparked by his business dealings with foreign countries while father Joe was vice president, and the charges could include failure to pay income tax, money laundering, potential foreign lobbying violations, and failure to meet reporting requirements of U.S. tax laws.

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Federal agents think they have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax and gun-buy crimes, report says

Federal agents believe they have enough evidence to support charging Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, with tax crimes and making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a gun, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

It is now up to U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, to decide whether to prosecute Hunter on those charges, noted the Post, which cited people familiar with the investigation.

The newspaper reported that federal agents “determined months ago they had assembled a viable criminal case against the younger Biden.”

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