A retired FBI agent with a specialization in signature analysis said that Hunter Biden signed the receipt for his abandoned laptop in April of 2019.

According to Just the News, retired Special Agent Wayne A. Barnes, who mastered signature analysis while unmasking Soviet Spies during the Cold War, says the “R.H. Biden” signature – short for Robert Hunter Biden – matches Hunter’s Social Security card, driver’s license, and other public documents.

“The signature on the computer repair store from April 2019 was signed by RHB,” Barnes wrote in a report. He added that the signature showed no signs of forgery or digital replication.

“The general pattern and flow of the signature matches the other known signatures from RHB,” Barnes wrote. “The R has its vertical line with the normal slight slant to the right. While the beginning of the top curved part of the R does not begin where RHB usually starts his – that is, by picking the pen off the paper and starting a new line. Here it commences from the bottom of the vertical line, lazily not lifting the pen off the paper. But then it goes up to his normal starting position, to the left of the top of the vertical line. This line then curves to the right and around and down to the middle of the vertical line.”

“This curve of the R from the right, appropriately crosses the vertical line with a loop. This is in true ‘contemplator’ fashion,” Barnes continued. “It is something which appears essential for RHB when writing his signature. It then goes back and up to the right, something well demonstrated in the other known examples.”

As previously reported by Human Events News, the Daily Mail hired a firm to determine the authenticity of Hunter’s abandoned laptop, and discovered the secrets he chose not to expose in his memoir.

Per the report, the laptop contained a trove of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, over 2,000 photos and dozens of videos. The following information was revealed:

* How he begged his father to run for president in 2019 to save his own reputation

* How he repeatedly dodged police action against him, despite constantly dealing with drug pushers and prostitutes

* How he was guarded by a Secret Service agent while on a 2018 drug and prostitute extravaganza in Hollywood, despite not being entitled to protection at the time

* How Joe Biden was afraid their text conversations were being hacked

* How his laptop is brimming with evidence of criminal activity, including but not limited to drug trafficking and prostitution

Hunter Biden left his MacBook Pro laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019, but oddly never returned to pick it up. Emails found on the computer sparked a scandal just before the 2020 election in October, but the entire thing was dismissed as Russian disinformation by the Biden family, campaign team and the mainstream media.

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