After the nonprofit education site PragerU published its latest conservative content, Facebook reportedly “shadow banned” nine politically incorrect posts and completely deleted videos on “masculine men” and “moderate Muslims” it labeled as “hate speech” – plummeting engagement by 99.9999 percent.

Conservative talk show host, PragerU Founder Dennis Prager, announced Facebook’s most recent controversial move of outrightly removing his site’s “offensive” videos titled, Make Men Masculine Again and Where Are the Moderate Muslims? on Twitter Friday – just weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg publicly apologized for defending Holocaust deniers on his social media channel.

“We’re being heavily censored on @Facebook,” Prager tweeted Friday. “Our last 9 posts are reaching 0 of our 3 million followers. At least two videos were deleted last night for ‘hate speech,’ including our recent video with @ConservativeMillen.”

The conservative leader claims that his videos are being censored and shadow banned for violating Facebook’s policies that prohibit “hate speech,” and he now wants his Twitter followers to get the word out on the social media giant’s anti-First Amendment regulations.

“SHARE to spread awareness about big tech censorship!” Prager exclaimed in another tweet Friday.

Wrestling for free speech

As of Saturday morning, PragerU’s page could still be accessed, but it has been an uphill battle to keep material posted, with virtually everyone being shut out from viewing the so-called offensive posts.

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“The official PragerU Facebook page is still up on Facebook at the time of publication [Saturday], [as] its Facebook page reposts the same videos consistently, and others can still be found on the page,” the Daily Caller reported. “However, it appears that one specific PragerU social media administrator – the one who posted the videos that Facebook considered violated its ‘hate speech’ policies – is unable to post on behalf of PragerU, resulting [in] only other PragerU administrators being able to see the post. No one else can see the posts.”

The radical drop in viewership as a result of Facebook’s censorship has been documented.

“A screenshot of the dashboard for PragerU’s Facebook page shows the last nine posts have reached between one and three followers, while previous posts have reached between 50,000 and 95,000,” WND informed.

PragerU Social Media Influencer Will Witt posted a number of telling screenshots, including ones of the removed video, Where Are the Moderate Muslims? and he let frustrated Facebook users in on the problem Friday.

“Our last nine posts have been completely censored, reaching zero of our 3 million followers,” Witt posted on Facebook. “At least two of our video posts were deleted last night for ‘hate speech,’ including a post of our recent video with The Conservative Millennial, Make Men Masculine Again.”

Despite Facebook’s recent scandals, Prager U Chief Marketing Officer Craig Strazzeri was not expecting his latest bout with censorship of his education site, which he said was unprecedented in his experience with the social media giant.

“While we’ve experienced blatant discrimination from Google/YouTube – which is why we’ve filed legal action against them – this represents a whole new level of censorship by Facebook,” Strazzeri explained in a statement Friday, according to the Daily Caller. “At this point, Facebook has provided little clarity, saying it will get back to us in another two to three business days – which in the world of social media might as well be an eternity.”

He lamented the declining state of Americans’ First Amendment rights at the hands of tech giants.

“This is very troubling behavior from the world’s largest social network,” Strazzeri added. “Not only are they obviously ratcheting up their algorithms to target mainstream, conservative content and labeling it as hate speech, but they are now completely blocking our posts from public view. This is shocking, and it should deeply concern every single American.”

Video on Muslims worthy of censorship?

Facebook apparently deemed that the material covered in PragerU’s Where Are the Moderate Muslims? video – that was most likely posted on Facebook Thursday – was too discriminatory or biased for its users … even though its creators went out of their way to present objective footage and polling on the controversial topic.

“The presenter, Hussein Aboubakr, states that when he was growing up, his teacher and his Imam were happy when they heard about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11,” the Daily Caller’s Kyle Perisic explained. “Aboubakr points to a Pew Research poll that shows the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Nigeria believe ‘any Muslim who chooses to leave Islam should be put to death,’ women should be stoned for committing adultery and people should be punished for criticizing Muhammad or Islam.”

The former adherent to Islam’s jihad (holy war) theology concluded his presentation with a call for Muslims to promote peaceful relations.

“At end of the video, Aboubakr pleads for moderate Muslims to reform the religion around the world,” Perisic noted.

Masculinity not allowed on Facebook?

The other video, Make Men Masculine Again, was pulled by Facebook after being posted by PragerU on August 6.

“The video – presented by conservative YouTube personality Allie Stuckey – presents an argument that making men feminine is both wrong and dangerous,” Perisic pointed out.

The outspoken YouTuber candidly called men to give up immoral behavior – and not think that becoming effeminate or less manly is the new good in this politically correct world where the feminist movement is proliferating.

“Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men,” Stuckey asserted in the video, according to the Daily Caller. “They become good when they stop being bad.”

Here we go again …

As previously touched on by Strazzeri, fighting left-leaning big-tech companies is nothing new for PragerU.

“YouTube – a subsidiary of Google – also has censored PragerU videos, prompting a lawsuit that was thrown out by a federal judge who determined YouTube did not violate the First Amendment,” WND’s Art Moore recounted.

Such censorship was denounced earlier by PragerU CEO Marissa Streit.

“There’s been a lot of outrage in our culture, and while I’m the last person to advocate for even more hysteria, this is one issue that should unite all Americans – on either side of the political spectrum – in our collective outrage over Internet censorship,” Streit pointed out at the time, according to Breitbart News. “[If companies such as Google are allowed to] operate as authoritarian tyrants who control the flow of information, the information age will become a dark age, and what we currently understand as freedom of speech will become distorted and twisted until it isn’t really free speech at all. We risk losing this uniquely American heritage, which is really the foundation of our democracy.”


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