Fake news — White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally lost it this week trying to correct the endless torrent of bogus news stories being churned out daily by the alt-left media.

Watching him stalk away from the podium in anger Tuesday, the only question I had was, “What took you so long, Sean?”

Spicer had been lecturing the press corps about all their “anonymous sources” and the fictionalized stories “that are absolutely false … narratives that are wrong … fake news.”

He was directing his remarks at a reporter from the Associated Press — you know, the organization that falsely reported in February that Trump was planning to use “100,000 National Guard troops” to round up “millions” of illegal aliens.

“When you see stories get perpetrated that are absolutely false,” Spicer told the crack AP scribe, “that is troubling, and he (the president) is rightly concerned.”

So a Democrat operative from the Clinton News Network asked Spicer for an example. Spicer mentioned how a BBC reporter last week falsely reported that Trump was not wearing an earpiece to hear the translation from the Italian prime minister.

“In fact,” Spicer said, “you all and everyone in the meetings that we sit in watched the president with the one earpiece that’s been used by other presidents.”

Then someone from the failing New York Times said, well, Sean, that’s just one single example of fake news. How about some more?

“I didn’t come here with a list of things!” Spicer shot back.

But there is a list of post-election fake news, most of which, but not all, were compiled by The Federalist.

–Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions describes illegal aliens as “filth” in speech at Mexican border. Thanks, Washington Post. Oddly, the Post never posted any audio. Perhaps because there was none, due to the fact that Sessions never said it.

–Russians hack into U.S. electrical grid through Vermont utility. Except it was just an employee checking his email. Again, hat tip to the Washington Post.

–Kuwait spends $60,000 at Trump International Hotel in D.C. on the same day Trump shows up at the hotel. Pay to play? That was the inference from NPR and Reuters. Turns out Trump wasn’t even there at the hotel on the same day that the party took place.

–Politico reports that a mortgage company controlled by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin once foreclosed on a home owned by a 90-year-old woman because she was short 27 cents on a monthly payment. Amazing scoop, except there was no foreclosure, the old lady didn’t lose her home, and Mnuchin didn’t own the bank.

–Fred Trump, the president’s late father, ran for mayor of New York in 1969 and put out an anti-black TV spot. Uh, Fred Trump never ran for mayor, and the “ad” was just a clever internet parody. The Washington Post’s fact-checker (yes!) fell for the scam and retweeted it. Do you begin to see a pattern here?

–Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein “threatened to resign.” Washington Post again. Not true.

–State Department’s “entire senior management team just resigned.” Washington Post. Not for nothing does Trump call the Post “very fake news.”

–Trump removed a bust of MLK Jr. from the Oval Office. Time magazine reported that. Actually, it was just somebody standing in front of the bust, and the “reporter” couldn’t be bothered to walk across the room to check if it was still there. He just tweeted out the fake news.

–Trump renamed Black History Month. Thanks TMZ. Obama, like Trump, declared it “National Black History Month.” Trump never “renamed” it.

I could go on … and on … and on. Maybe it’s a good thing Spicer walked away, rather than list all the lies. If he’d tried to point them all out, he’d still be standing there at the podium, lecturing the hacks.

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