It’s the Democrats’ idea of “unity,” which is what they promised us if we would just turn over the nation to them.

We’re in another season of orchestrated, obsessive hysteria.

This time, thanks to the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion, it’s about abortion.

Earlier obsessions were the Russian collusion hoax, the Trump phone call to Ukraine’s president asking about Biden family corruption (the shocking scale of which is still media-suppressed), the Trump impeachments, the COVID-19 pandemic, the January 6 Capitol riot and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A couple of other stories have made it through the media’s lockstep coverage. These include the nationwide parents’ revolt (depicted as bigotry) against racial and sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren; an inexplicable baby formula crisis; soaring gasoline prices, and 8.5 percent inflation that is gobbling up paychecks and savings.

Frankly, I think inflation is far higher. Energy costs alone are up 30 percent, and they affect all else. Everything, and I mean everything, now costs far more and is headed higher. If you think it’s bad now, wait until the Biden war on energy, which has doubled the cost of fertilizer and other basic elements of food production, hits grocery stores.

When he’s not claiming that it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault, President Biden, whose party controls all three elected federal branches, blames Republicans. He says with a straight face that they are causing inflation by opposing his plan to spend even more trillions and print more money. This week, as gas prices hit another record, his Interior Department canceled millions of acres of drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Meanwhile, Big Tech and the media, subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, are keeping Americans in the dark about the treasonous sabotage of our southern border. Mexican cartels are shipping in millions of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs like fentanyl. Drug overdose deaths rose in 2021 to 108,000, a 15 percent increase over 2020.

The only news that’s important is whatever the Democrats believe will secure their hold on power. Hence, the current hysteria over the Supreme Court and the new “war on women.”

Congressional Democrats voted to get rid of sex-reality-based terms such as man, woman, mother or father to please the LGBTQ shock troops that run the party, but they’ve temporarily restored “woman” and “women.” A “war on birthing people” or a “war on menstruating persons” just isn’t as catchy.

Democrats will go to the mat to force everyone to use idiot terms unless they think it will cost them votes. In that case, they strategically revert to a semblance of normalcy, like they do at election time. That’s when they pretend to be patriotic and sane even while abetting the wholesale destruction of America’s heritage, from statues to history books.

They ritualistically intone “God bless America” while working feverishly to turn the United States into a Marxist version of Sodom and Gomorrah with abortion through the ninth month.

The Jan. 6 “assault on democracy,” we’re told, is the worst event in U.S. history. A May 8 Washington Post editorial, “Jan. 6 must define our politics,” said, “Voters must recognize that where politicians stand on democracy is more important than tax rates, inflation, gas prices or any other policy issue.”

Got that, voters? If you don’t think Jan. 6 outweighs all, you are attacking “democracy.”

Speaking of attacks, Senate Majority Leader New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer went after the Supreme Court again. Conservative justices, he said, are about to commit “an abomination.” That’s leftist talk for getting in the way of killing babies.

The justices, he added, have “ripped up the Constitution and lied to the Senate.” No, they did not. They accurately stated during their confirmation hearings that Roe v. Wade is a precedent.

Mr. Schumer openly supports protesters hounding justices at their homes in Maryland and Virginia. So what if the “Obstruction of Justice” portion of U.S. Code prohibits parading or picketing “in or near a building or residence occupied or used” by a “judge, juror, witness, or court officer?”

Two years ago, Mr. Schumer hurled a naked threat at two of the justices. Whipping up a crowd on the Supreme Court steps in March 2020, during arguments about Louisiana’s law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, he said: “I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

According to Landmark Legal Foundation, this thuggery was a clear violation of federal law barring “communications containing a threat of injury” and “threats of force in an effort to intimidate an officer of the court.”

It’s the Democrats’ idea of “unity,” which is what they promised us if we would just turn over the nation to them.

Whether the abortion issue cuts their way or not, Democrats will promote another obsession before November, most likely another COVID scare to ensure massive mail-in balloting, which worked like a charm in 2020.

Let’s not fall for it.


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