Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who’s seen a bit of a boom in polls for president lately, came forward with a statement about President Donald Trump’s whistleblower affair that if nothing else, serves as a classic textbook example of How Liars Lie.

The unabashed ones, anyway.

“Donald Trump believes he is above the law — and he will continue to commit crimes from the White House until we hold him accountable,” she tweeted.

Except, of course, that Donald Trump hasn’t been found guilty of committing any crimes.

Yes. There is that.

But impeach away, she wrote.

“The House needs to vote on articles of impeachment — and when it comes to the Senate,” the Massachusetts Democrat tweeted, “I will do what the Constitution requires.”

What’s the crime? What’s the impeachable offense?

“Donald Trump solicited foreign interference in our elections from the Oval Office,” Warren tweeted. “He attempted to cover up his actions. And his appointees intervened, against the law, to attempt to suppress this whistleblower complaint.”

Except, of course, that Donald Trump hasn’t been found guilty of any such thing.

Small fact. Small item to note.

Small, small facts that when omitted, lead to big, big lies.

Warren, dubbed Pocahontas by this president for her omission of truths about her real, genuine ancestry, might want to reel in the indicting, impeaching rhetoric a bit — at least until Trump’s found guilty of a crime. That’s kind of how it works in this country; the crime comes before the hanging.

Unless you’re in the business of lying, that is.

Not that she’s the only one on the left who does this. But if this is what Democrats have to offer for their pick for president — if it’s going to be Warren, not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, or anyone else who faces Trump for the White House in 2020 — well then, voters ought to take note: She’s got a track record of dishonesty.

She’s blatantly telling lies right now about Trump as a way of advancing her own political designs.

And she’s about as unabashed, unapologetic, unashamed about her deceptions as they come.

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