The Drudge Report posted a lead story about a potential pattern of health issues surrounding Hillary Clinton. The picture that was used for the story was from February, and this has caused the left wing media to freak out and claim foul play. Seriously? Does the Drudge Report have to wait for a photo of the next incident before reporting on Hillary’s propensity to fall?

Mediaite, the left wing site that is “investigating” the Drudge story states that the photo “comes from a campaign stop in South Carolina on February 24th. The original caption — discovered by super sleuths on Reddit, of course — that went along the photo reads:”

Democratic Presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the non-profit SC Strong, a 2 year residential facility that helps former felons, substance abusers, and homeless move into self-sufficiency February 24, 2016 in North Charleston. The South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary is held on February 27

Read more of Mediaite’s “coverage” here. Apparently, since the photo is six months old, it doesn’t matter.

2012: Hillary falls at home, blood clot

2011: Hillary Clinton Falls Boarding Plane

2009: Hillary falls going to White House…broken elbow

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