Their dream, our nightmare.

I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like another campaign promise is about to be broken — the vow by candidate Trump to rescind Obama’s unconstitutional executive order that has allowed 800,000 or so foreign criminals to remain in this country, living large and lawless.

This particular Obama-era abomination is called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” — DACA. These undocumented on-the-dole Democrats call themselves “dreamers” — another of those Big Brother euphemisms, like affordable care that isn’t, or “temporary assistance to needy families” which isn’t temporary and is for those who are neither needy nor families.

The decision on whether the “dreamers” will be allowed to continue their lifelong all-expenses-paid vacations in America is supposed to come Tuesday. But the omens are not propitious, starting with Trump’s own statement: “We love the dreamers.”

Speak for yourself, Mr. President.

I got a call Friday from a man on the Cape named Curt. He wanted to tell me his own family’s experience with a “dreamer” in Florida last January.

“He murdered my daughter outside a bar in Naples,” Curt said. “They said he was a ‘dreamer.’ She was 24. What about my daughter’s dreams? And her daughter’s — she left a 2-year-old girl. If you’re an American murdered by one of these people, I guess you don’t get to dream.”

Ever hear of an illegal Mexican “dreamer” named Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros? Probably not — the alt-left media gave her a good leaving alone after she ran over two little girls playing in a leaf pile in Oregon. She kept driving — to an auto-wash, to clean off the evidence of her hit-and-run.

When the cops arrived, she lied to them.

This “dreamer” didn’t get deported, she didn’t even get a day in jail. For killing two little Americans.

In its own way, DACA is as outrageous as any of the better-known Obama-era scandals — by Barry’s own public admission, 22 times, it was for him illegal to exempt a certain class of criminals from the consequences of their lawbreaking.

But he did, anyway. It was part of the fundamental transformation of America, into a banana republic.

These dreamers now claim to be very concerned about having to return to their Third World homelands, which is odd, considering how proudly they wave the flags of Mexico and other nations at their demonstrations where they demand ever more handouts.

But you can see why “dreamers” might be apprehensive about returning to a country where they actually might have to start obeying the law and working for a living while not receiving preferential treatment for whatever their hearts desire.

Other than arrest reports, few surveys have been conducted of the DACA population, but one has been done online by a Harvard researcher, Robert G. Gonzales. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, he thinks his respondents are better educated and well-off than the majority of illegal immigrants benefiting from the program.

CIS reports that 73 percent of dreamers responding to the Harvard survey are from “low-income households,” which are defined as “qualifying for free lunch in high school.”

In other words, at least three-quarters of the dreamers are grabbing at least one kind of welfare. The old song has never been more true — “Everything Free in America.” At least if you’re a dreamer.

This weekend they’re telling us how terrible we are to even think about finally forcing them to go home and earn their own keep.

My question is, why would they want to remain in such a xenophobic, nativist country? You’d think they’d be clamoring to be repatriated to their home nations.

Hey dreamers, adios! And … sweet dreams!

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