Former President Donald Trump reuinited with his one time advisor Steven K. Bannon on Friday night, when the two appeared on War Room. The two men sat across the table from one another and chatted like old friends, and Trump declared “We’re going to win in 2024.”

Trump’s new book, full of letters to him from Hollywood celebrities and friends, sat on the table between them.

They hashed out some of the biggest issues facing Americans, the electorial system, and culture over the past few years since the end of Trump’s term in office. The Democrats, Trump said, used Covid to cheat in the 2020 election. He said they Covid as a cover to institute mail-in ballotting in places that were not prepared for it, and by changing voting practices and standards across the country.

Early on in the pandemic, in spring 2020, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded changes to ensure contagion free voting in 2020, without nearly as much concern for voting that was secure against manipulation or error.

“Everything is the opposite of what it should be,” Trump told Bannon. In energy independence, at the US-Mexico border, and especially in the US relationship with China, where the US is trying to walk a fine line and China is trying to overtake America as the world’s top superpower.

Bannon asked Trump about the book, and the stories reflected by the letters inside.

Trump told Bannon how much he loves the War Room, saying that this was “off-the-record” except for the millions of people watching.

But Trump got to the bottom of issues that are having a grave impact on Americans and the Us economy, such as energy independence.

And he said that the Biden administration is weaponizing the government against their political opponents and that the country has been steered straight toward Marxism.

Controversy has swirled around both of them in the years since Trump left office. Bannon was subpoenad by the House Janaury 6 committee, which sought, and failed, to procure evidence showing that Trump had instigated an insurection at the Capitol during the last DC rally of his presidential term.

Bannon had refused to comply with the subpoena to give testimony, saying that information he had was protected by executive privilege, confidential to himself and the president. The committee wouldn’t go for it, and brought him to trial on charges of contempt of Congress–despite Trump having given Bannon clearance to move ahead prior to the date of the trial.

And of couse, Trump has been facing a host of charges of his own, brought by politically motivated prosecutors in New York as well as at the Department of Justice.

Bannon recently praised Trump at CPAC in Washington, DC, telling the crowd of Republican voters, influencers and pundits that Trump, and no other potential candidate, should be the one to run against Biden, to take back the White House for the GOP, and to Make America Great Again.

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