On Wednesday, John Kerry told the graduating class at Camelot High in Cambridge, “This is not a normal time.”

For once, Liveshot was not recounting another botched joke. It is indeed not a normal time. In normal times, you could at least make some sense of what Kerry was saying, even if it was just something condescending and moronic like, “Can I get me a hunting license here?” But Wednesday, Kerry was a mess. And this is becoming a pattern among the elder statesmen of the Democrat party. Key word: elder, as in elderly.

Over the past days, one after another of the Democrat big feet have been inserting said big feet into their mouths. Today, I will present evidence from Kerry, age 73, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, age 77, and Rep. Maxine Waters, age 78.

Let’s start with America’s Gigolo at Harvard. All dialogue transcribed verbatim.

“So,” he began, “members of the graduating Class of 2016, ’17, of the Kennedy School of Government.”

It’s always an inauspicious beginning for a commencement speaker to forget the year in which he’s speaking.

Then Kerry got right to the usual BS about global whatever-they’re-calling-it this week.

“If Al Gore, John Kerry and Ban Ki-moon and a bunch of people are wrong, and the deniers are right, doesn’t matter, but it happens anyway, guess what. Disaster. Life on earth as we know it would be over.”

What is he talking about? If the deniers are right, and “nothing happens,” then doesn’t that mean the world doesn’t come to a fiery end? “The question at this point,” Kerry perorated, “is not whether or not we will get to the global low-carbal economy we need — we’re gonna get there.”

The low-carbal economy! Would that it were, as Kerry used to say, would that it were.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi was flapping her jaw about the scandal that wasn’t there, the Democrats’ mass delusion and popular madness about Russian “hacking.”

“To have a president, say, if he did, to the sec-director of the FBI, or the DNI, director of National Intelligence, or the NRA person that uh uh uh they should not go forward, it raises questions that need to be answered in a facts-and-law way and not hearsay.”

The NRA person? Trump is now ordering around Wayne LaPierre too? That’s unconstitutional, dammit, Another high crime and/or misdemeanor for Robert Mueller to investigate!

And finally, Maxine Waters. She recently accused Russia of invading Korea. (I think she meant Crimea.) She loves the Russia non-story, and has taken to rattling off the names of the Trump associates she claims are involved in “the Kremlin clan.” The only problem is, she can’t remember all their names. The other day she started stumbling over “Carter and uh uh, all of them!”

The reporter mercifully cut her off. But then Maxine blurted out: “The other person I was thinking of was Carter PAGE! One of the Kremlin clan!”

The Democrats need to start thinking about bringing up some young talent. May I suggest Bernie Sanders? He doesn’t turn 76 until September. In Democrat circles, they call him “The Kid.”

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