It’s a simple question, and it is one that Barack Obama has been asked in the past. Are you a Muslim? His answer has always been no. He states that he is a Christian, and yet in a recent focus group of Iowa Republicans, about half still believe that he is a Muslim and that his religious convictions guide his agenda. Perhaps it’s his past statements and continuing coddling of known Islamic terrorist organizations that perpetuate this sentiment.

Last week, I wrote about Obama’s handling of Egypt, and how his actions risk Egypt falling under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Founded in 1928 as a response to first President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey ending the caliphate, the Islamic system of government, and westernizing the country, the Muslim Brotherhood is now the oldest Islamic terrorist organization in the world. Its beef against Attaturk? He gave women the right to vote, the right to work, the right to dress in western attire, and the right to an education.

Since then the Muslim Brotherhood has created 70 offshoot Islamic organizations across the world, including Al-Qaeda and Hamas. The second-in-command in Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was a Muslim Brotherhood leader imprisoned in Egypt by the government and later sent into exile. Other notable members include the infamous Osama bin Laden, and Mohamed Atta, his ringleader in the September 11, 2001, attacks.

CNN and other left-wing media have tried to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as benign, but that is simply not reality. If Egyptian President Mubarak is forced to step aside quickly, as Obama seems to want, then the country could fall under the control of this terrorist group.

During an examination of Obama’s interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, focus group members gave particularly low grades to his exchange with O’Reilly regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. O’Reilly said, “But you don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood…” Obama could have said, “No.” However, he said, “What I want is a representative government in Egypt.” Obama went on, but it is comments like those given to O’Reilly that make people scratch their heads and wonder what is going on.

As you can see, the focus group has some pretty strong comments. What do you think? Back in August, as noted in an ABC News story, a poll found that “the number of Americans who erroneously believe President Obama is a Muslim is growing.” Do you think the comments of the focus group are on track, or will this lead to even more media controversy about conservatives?

Regardless of Obama’s true religious beliefs, the fact remains that he has passed on opportunities to portray Islamic terrorist organizations as terrorist organizations. This sends the wrong message. If the current Egyptian government crumbles, will friendly, democratic, pro-U.S. leaders step forward? The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, and it is poised to have a major role in Egypt. Obama should have just said, “No.”

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