Since the death of George Floyd, the diversity industrial complex under the moniker of “diversity, equity and inclusion” convinced corporate America to toss aside their usual focus of increasing their profit margins to focusing on the supposed marginalized.

In a socially tense environment, corporations saw the focus on superficial diversity as a means to virtue signal to the public as being “part of the solution” when the country appeared to be filled with problems and as a pre-emptive strategy to decrease their liability for any foreseeable litigations accusing them of fostering a hostile workplace environment for someone of the “marginalized class.”

However, their haste to dive deep into an unproven industry void of profitability was always going to be an inevitable failing corporate trend and the foundation of corporate DEI has already begun showing cracks in a tumultuous economy.

A recent study conducted by Revelio Labs found that of all laid off workers in 2022, those in DEI positions were slashed at a higher rate than others. The workforce analytics firm discovered that attrition rates for DEI positions have surged over the past six months at the more than 600 companies that have conducted layoffs since late 2020 and overtaken non-DEI reduction last year by a rate of 33 percent to 21 percent.

“Amazon, Twitter, and Nike have shed between 5 and 16 DEI professionals each, and Twitter’s infamous diversity team layoffs are not far behind. Bearing in mind the typically small size of DEI teams – the median DEI team size in this set of companies is 3 – these outflows likely amount to the exodus of entire diversity teams,” stated Revelio Labs in their analysis.

As economic prosperity appears to be uncertain for many Americans, corporations are also preparing for any impending economic negative impacts. As any economic downturn, companies are going to get rid of the least talented, least profitable employees, and the most non-essential employees and diversity departments across the country fit this profile to a T.

DEI provides no real financial value or savings, nor does it provide any realistic understanding of achievement. How do you know if you’re DEI-ing right? Simply, you don’t.

What ends up happening is that diversity departments become near bottomless economic pits as they always ask for more money to fulfill the promise of an unexplainable, unquantifiable diversity goal. You can’t truly measure if DEI is benefiting your company because it’s based on feelings, attitudes and wishful thinking.

The arbitrary objective of having more people who look differently as a goal is that there’s no analytic to determine if this strategy provides a real benefit to the company or even to the employees involved. The existence of DEI has made minorities such as myself question if we’re getting hired more so because of our qualifications or more so because we check a diversity box.

DEI promises to get rid of discrimination and reduce biases by implementing discrimination and increasing biases: a bewildering corporate contradiction.

With the increase of college graduates with unvaluable social science degrees, the DEI industry has been a godsend employment opportunity for the most mediocre and talentless college graduates in America. The DEI goldrush of 2020 provided a substantial wealth opportunity for corporate leeching contracting companies, corporate diversity officers and failed Human Resource expats.

However, much like the California Gold Rush, eventually the gold runs out. The DEI industrial complex has begun depleting the financial generosity and willing naivety of corporate America.

The gradual death of DEI was always an inevitable one because corporations were only going to foot the bill of something void of substantial results for so long, and they’re not willing to sacrifice areas of their company that either make them money or reduce their expenses for an unproven management strategy during a shaky economic environment.

Much of the attempted leftist praxis we’ve been witnessing has behaved like a tornado as their horrible dogmatic ideas attempt to destroy our concept of normalcy by inundating us with a barrage of illogical garbage.

But in the end, the tornado doesn’t last forever. We can and must rebuild.


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