Perhaps because Gov. Ron DeSantis snapped the whip, the Walt Disney Company has pulled back the throttle a little bit on efforts to groom America’s children in the way of transgenderism. However, the company founded by the fiercely patriotic and anti-communist Walt Disney has a children’s TV show pushing Critical Race Theory and a Hulu show built around the 1619 Project. Both CRT and the 1619 Project exist to divide America along racial lines as a pathway to Marxism. (Never forget that BLM’s co-founder proudly identified as a “trained Marxist.”)

On February 1 (to coincide with Black History Month), Disney+ premiered the second season of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. To those unfamiliar with the show, the original animated series (The Proud Family) ran on the Disney Channel from 2001 to 2005. It was typical Disney fare, with a female teenage protagonist, her friends, and her family. The difference was that the family was Black.

Last year, though, Disney rebooted the show. Comparing the two Wikipedia essays on the original version and the reboot, the shows seem similar. Same Black family, with the same friend and family relationships and hijinks. I obviously haven’t watched either version, so I’m just guessing.

What’s not guessing is that this season, perhaps because Disney was denied its chance to dive into “diverse” sexualities, Disney’s Proud Family season premiere is pure Critical Race Theory. (Hat tip: The Gateway Pundit.) Despite the fact that the show takes place in California, which was never a slave state, the characters discover that their little California town was owned by a slaver and that Lincoln hated Blacks and never wanted to free them:

Penny, and compatriots discover Juneteenth’s history, when they unearth the terrifying truth that Smithsville’s founder was a slave owner.

There’s an angry rap shouting that slaves built all of America; claiming that systemic racism and prejudice are an integral part of America; insisting that slaves freed themselves; and demanding reparations. The rap is received rapturously by the student body in the clip:

This is a scene from a Disney+ kids cartoon called The Proud Family.

Meanwhile, a gay Black character demands that his White lover use his “White privilege” to save the protesting children from police brutality:

To recap, the Disney company wants America’s children to learn that the country was built entirely on slave labor, that White privilege, systemic racism, and discrimination are still intrinsic to America, and that reparations are the cure. Disney should lead by example, liquidating its estimated $203.6 billion in assets and distributing the money to the descendants of slaves.

Alternatively, every person in Disney who is not a slave descendant needs to give his or her job to someone who is. I suspect that the result would be much like what happened when Zimbabwe violently forced White farmers to hand their property over to Blacks: Disaster happened, with famine stalking a nation that once had been among Africa’s most prosperous. But this is what Disney wants.

For adult audiences, Disney is using Hulu, in which it has majority ownership, to shill for Nikole Hannah-Jones’s grossly historically inaccurate “1619 Project.” Everything about it is false, including the premise that slavery came to America in 1619. In fact, the first Blacks to arrive were indentured servants, just like the other indentured servants who came to America, and they were freed when their term ended.

Mike Gonzalez has written an excellent takedown of the fallacious 1619 Project on Hulu, so I won’t rehash that subject. Suffice it to say that Disney is putting its money and its name behind a fraud that is intended to falsify American history, divide the country by race and accrue more power to a Democrat party that is increasingly open about its socialist goals. And again, let me remind you that socialism is antithetical to freedom, and tyranny must always maintain itself through force.

I’ve been saying for some time that Walt Disney and his brother Roy must be spinning in their graves. Not just some gentle rotation, but a spin of such magnitude that I wouldn’t be surprised if their velocity wasn’t what’s behind the latest “we’re all going to die” claim, which is that the earth’s inner core may be starting to go in reverse. It is the height of irony that their name, which generations of Americans associated with patriotism and anti-communism, is now being put in the service of America-hatred and Marxism.

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