A report recently released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reveals that police in numerous sanctuary cities across the United States have refused to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, and thereby released violent criminal illegal aliens into their communities.

DHS’s weekly announcement made public the locations of the government agencies that purposely let dangerous criminal illegal aliens free into their communities against ICE’s orders – thus jeopardizing the safety of local citizens.

“ICE is making available for public release the non-Federal jurisdictions that release aliens from their custody, notwithstanding that such aliens are subject to a detainer or similar request for custody issued by ICE to that jurisdiction,” DHS’s Declined Detainer Outcome Report notified. “For instances of such release, the report also includes the associated individual’s citizenship, detainer issued and declined dates, and notable criminal activity.”

Intentionally endangering America

It was further noted that local authorities lied when informing community members that only harmless illegals were being granted their freedom into their neighborhoods.

“The latest report, which covers February 4–10, shows that contrary to the myth sanctuary city proponents peddle – that those released are nonviolent – dozens who were released have been convicted of violent crimes, such as sexual assault, domestic battery, and cruelty toward children,” Townhall reported. “In total, ICE issued 2,825 detainer requests across the U.S. and 47 were declined.”

The biggest offenders were located at the most populous areas of both coasts, while several new cities and a county were added to the list of new areas that harbor criminal aliens.

“Although cities and counties in New York and California accounted for nearly half of the refusals, communities in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia also made the list,” Fox News informed. “The new report also highlights jurisdictions that have recently declared themselves sanctuary cities. Since January, Baltimore, Tulare, Calif.; Ithaca, N.Y.; Travis County, Texas; Iowa City, Iowa; and Boulder, Colo., have publicly announced their intentions to not honor ICE detainers.”

DHS published its report just a few days after a threat to withdraw federal funding from cities refusing to obey federal immigration law was issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Such policies cannot continue,” the nation’s top cop insisted earlier this week, according to Fox News. “They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the street.”

Leaving ICE out in the cold …

Out of all the cities in the U.S., New York City was one of the biggest offenders that did not adhere to President Donald Trump’s executive order by denying 12 of 73 ICE detainer requests for illegals – which simply require local law enforcement officials to hold onto criminal aliens for less than two days.

“ICE issues detainers to let federal, state and local law enforcement agencies know it wants them to hold certain illegal immigrants in custody until it can come get them,” Fox News’ Brooke Singman pointed out. “The subjects could be individuals who have come into contact with law enforcement – either detained, arrested or convicted of crimes. ICE generally asks that they be held for up to 48 hours until they can send agents.”

Even though the mainstream media has portrayed sanctuary cities as places of tolerance and compassion, officials in these urban areas are considered by immigration control as lawbreakers and violators of the system.

“While not a technical term, ‘sanctuary cities’ are communities that have refused to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after detaining illegal immigrants,” Singman stressed. “By federal law, they are required to inform the feds when they have an illegal immigrant in custody – even if he or she has not been convicted of a crime. Sanctuary cities often do cooperate with ICE in the cases of violent criminals or illegal immigrants released from prison after serving time for especially violent crimes.”

However, the current trend of releasing dangerous illegal aliens into communities was witnessed in the recent announcement about the true nature of America’s sanctuary cities.

“In the latest report, examples of subjects ICE sought – and could not get – included people suspected, charged or convicted of drug possession, domestic violence and assault,” Singman noted. “The report noted that ICE field offices have been instructed to continue issuing detainers on all removable aliens in law enforcement custody – regardless of prior non-cooperation. As a result, the report states, the number of issued detainers will increase over the next several reporting periods.”


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