United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed intelligence indicates that Middle Easterners are among the latest wave of migrant caravans launched from Honduras last month to the U.S.-Mexico border, where up to 15,000 troops will meet thousands of illegals in a clash costing U.S. taxpayers around $220 million.

“We absolutely see people from the Middle East, from southeast Asia, from other parts of the world – not just from Central America,” Nielsen told Fox News.

Organized U.S. invasion?

President Donald Trump warned last month that Middle Easterners were among those set to illegally invade the U.S. border, where he subsequently deployed thousands of U.S. troops to secure the country from the threat of Islamic terrorists and other criminals.

“This week, hundreds of migrants have begun arriving in Mexico City – 700 hundred miles from the U.S. border,” Fox News reported. “President Trump – who has vowed to stop the caravan from entering the United States – tweeted last month that ‘criminals and unknown Middle Easterners’ are among the migrants.”

Appealing to the Hispanic vote, former President Barack Obama – reflecting the rhetoric of other top Democrats – promoted the pro-immigration, open-borders agenda on the campaign trail before midterms on Friday and accused the Trump administration of fear mongering over the latest caravans that were once estimated at around 14,000 migrants in total.

“Now, in 2018, they’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away,” Obama chided, according to Fox News. “They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border, and our men and women deserve better than that.”

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With many Islamic terrorists being caught entering and trying to breach the southern U.S. border, Nielsen justified the extra precautions the administration is taking against the latest caravan to protect the nation’s security interests.

“We don’t always know exactly who they [the non-Central American migrants] are,” Nielsen impressed. “What I can tell you is we stopped 3,000 people last year at the southwest border who had patterns of travel similar to a terrorist – we call them special interest aliens.”

Even though Obama was understandably reticent to mention it while promoting Democratic candidates on the midterms campaign trail, his DHS officials tackled the issue of special interest aliens (SIAs) during the last full year of his administration … but he is now chiding his predecessor for addressing the concern

“In June 2016, then-Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson convened a multi-DHS component task force called the ‘SIA Joint Action Group’ with the primary task of developing a plan to ‘counter threats posed by the smuggling of SIAs,’” Fox News’ Catherine Herridge explained. “There is not a great deal of publicly available information, but the SIA designation is said to cover a collection of 35 countries where known terrorist groups operate.”

And this is not just a concern in the U.S., as many nations along the caravans’ route have expressed genuine concern over the northbound migrants.

“We are hearing from our partners in the region – in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, in Mexico – that they have some concern with respect to the timing and the particular organization of these caravans,” Nielson insisted. “They’re not organic, if you will. They’re definitely organized or financed.”

Invasion tactics unveiled

Nielson went on to stress that DHS is taking the migrant threat “very seriously” – starting by setting out to identify the origins of caravans as they edge closer to the U.S. through Mexico.

“Mass migrations aren’t good for anybody and not safe for the migrants,” she added in her Fox News interview. “They unfortunately allow criminal elements to prey on vulnerable populations … those who might otherwise have a legitimate claim.”

A warning issued by Guatemala’s intelligence chief was shared by Nielsen, revealing how the organizers of the caravans have pushed the most vulnerable migrants – women and children – to lead the caravans in order to confuse the military and border police.

“They don’t want to get into a confrontation with a child, [or] women, and so they’re almost being used as barriers at the front of some of these caravans,” Nielsen explained. “But what I will say is the other caravans coming up are mostly single males.”

In fact, the so-called “destitute” migrant caravans have been described by Center for a Secure Free Society Executive Director Joseph Humire – who was working with Guatemalan intelligence 10 days ago – as operating in a military fashion as they work their way toward the U.S. border.

“What I saw was a high level of logistical organization,” Humire – a Latin America specialist – warned, according to Fox News.

He went on to note that the caravans under his surveillance are moving along longer routes with more infrastructure to swiftly arrive at the border areas near McAllen, Texas and Tijuana, Mexico – instead of using the traditional passages used for human trafficking or drug smuggling.

“What I learned from Central American intelligence is that there were at least 132 individuals that came from other parts of the world – not from Latin America,” Humire added.

Not just a smidgeon of Middle Easterners

In the face of what Democrats would like immigration-sympathizing voters to believe, hundreds of migrants not fitting their description of poor Central American migrants in desperate need of humanitarian aid make up a substantial proportion of those participating in the caravans.

“Humire said the number of non-Central American migrants may be as high as 232 in Guatamala alone – based on new information he received from that country’s intelligence service,” Herridge pointed out. “Referring to an incident earlier this year, Humire said sometimes individuals lie about their identities and try to deceive immigration authorities; however, officials are able to discover fraudulent claims through biometrics and the help of partner intelligence services who have access to databases.”

Islamic terrorist hotbeds – such as the Hamas terrorist breeding grounds of the Palestinians and the jihadist haven of war-torn Syria – have been discovered to be the origins of many caravan migrants originally claiming to be from other countries not known for harboring jihadists.

“We have seen individuals,” Humire stressed. “They have lied about their identities and tried to deceive immigration authorities, saying they are from Pakistan and turned out to be from [the Palestinian territories], or saying they’re from Bangladesh and turned out to be from Syria.”

Preparing for the worst

With conservative watchdogs claiming there is evidence that the current caravans were organized and funded by leftists in America, Trump has taken special precautions to protect Americans from the alleged Democrat-induced threat.

“President Donald Trump’s move to deploy troops to the U.S.-Mexico border is shaping up to cost $220 million, according to two U.S. defense officials who were not authorized to speak publicly,” CNBC.com reported. “Trump – who has made the caravan one of his prime targets in campaign speeches – said he is prepared to send as many as 15,000 troops to the border.”

And the cost to American taxpayers could still rise.

“As the number of migrants continues to grow, the perceived need for troops at the border will increase – as will the potential length of their deployment,” TheBlaze pointed out. “A fourth migrant caravan has crossed from Guatemala into Mexico, bringing the estimated total of migrants traveling through Mexico to the United States above 12,000 – according to Mexico News Daily.”

But the migrants reportedly have just one clear motive – to reach the U.S. – not merely to find a safe place to live that can support them.

“The most recent caravan crossed illegally into Mexico through the Suchiate River, turning down an offer from Mexican authorities to be given shelter if they entered legally and telling them they only want clear passage to the U.S. – not to stay in Mexico,” TheBlaze’s Aaron Colen informed.

The commander-in-chief is not taking chances with the latest caravan invasion strewn with criminals and likely jihadists – even though the leftist media hub CNBC.com claimed the Pentagon does not consider the caravans as a risk to the U.S. … despite accounts of militant migrants attacking law enforcement in Mexico.

“Trump has made it clear he believes the migrant caravans represent a foreign invasion of the United States – implying that the caravan consists of dangerous criminals and unspecified people from the Middle East,” Colen recounted. “Members of the caravans have clashed with Mexican authorities as they make their way north from Central America, resulting in some injuries to police officers and at least one caravan member death.”

Estimates about the number of migrants and troops headed to reach the U.S.-Mexico border in about a month continue to fluctuate, but the impending clash of thousands is anticipated to generate heightened media attention – especially as a considerable proportion of caravan members are reportedly terrorists and militant criminals.

“The first caravan grew as large as about 7,000 people, but has reportedly shrunk by nearly half as people turn back or quit the journey in Mexico, [while] a second caravan of about 1,000 migrants is also making its way through Mexico,” Colen continued. “More than 7,000 troops will be stationed in Arizona, California, and Texas to support Customs and Border Patrol.”


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