A recent memo from the United States Department of Education’s (DOE) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) appears to be a carryover from the Obama administration’s memo regarding transgender student bathroom guidelines.

The OCR has just issued a memo to public schools and teachers stating that if they refuse to refer to transgender students by their preferred pronoun, it could mean big trouble.

Liberty Counsel (LC) Founder and Chairman Mat Staver says that he thought the Trump administration had put an end to this kind of bureaucratic bullying.

“But now, what we have here in the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education are these new guidelines which essentially tell the schools that if they do not refer to a student by his or her preferred pronoun, they could open up a file of investigation,” Staver explained in an LC press release.

The legal expert maintains that the responsibility for this unwelcome federal directive ultimately lays at the feet of the new Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos.

“But there’s no question it may well be at the top of the Department of Education with the Secretary Betsy DeVos,” Staver continued. “Obviously, anything that comes out of the DOE is ultimately her responsibility, and she could stop the memo that just went out.”

The Christian leader now appears to have lost his vote of confidence for DeVos as a champion for conservative and biblical ideals.

“But unfortunately, she seems to have been more pro-LGBT than most people anticipated,”

Staver insists that there is nothing in Title IX regarding the use of pronouns and, therefore, it is not a violation to refer to students by pronouns consistent with their actual sex.


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