One after another Democrat has come forward and admitted Robert Mueller’s Capitol Hill testimony wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and that the party, overall, had suffered a big red-faced blow from his bumblings and mumblings.

And yet: The left still won’t quit.

On impeachment, on collusion-slash-obstruction, on taking down President Donald Trump based on the Mueller report — the left still won’t quit.

That’s called delusion.

“I think that the media hyped the hearing to a point where it was very hard to meet the expectation,” said Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier, The Hill reported. “I remember getting ready yesterday morning listening to the coverage and thinking, ‘My gosh, they’re making this into Watergate II.”

Well, that’s because that’s what Democrats made the whole Mueller investigation into, from the get-go.

The left-leaning members of the media were only picking up the Watergate scent sprayed by the Democrats.

Another Democrat on Mueller said this, The Hill reported: “[Mueller’s] older, forgetful and yeah, that was a personal disappointment because he’s a lion, you know?”

And Democrat Ted Lieu chimed in with this: “I would have liked it if [Mueller] were more talkative.”

Actually, it was when Mueller talked that he got in the most trouble; as both NBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’s Chris Wallace both agreed — the special counsel’s bumbling, rambling and confusing testimony was a “disaster.”

But even now, with Democrats deflated by “disaster,” they’re not admitting defeat.

They’re still pressing forward an impeachment call.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said he’s still pursuing a subpoena to force former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress. And the House Intelligence Committee is still going forward with its inquiry into Trump’s associations with overseas’ businesses. Why?

It’s the pull of the impeachment.

The draw of the take-down.

The lure of — yes, there it is again — Watergate II.

What else for Democrats to campaign on than painting this president as a slug of society?

But here are a couple of headlines Democrats might want to read. The first, from The Washington Post: “Mueller’s testimony crystallized public opinion against impeachment.” And the second, from Time Magazine: “Mueller’s Testimony Didn’t Move Us Toward Impeachment.”

In other words: The more Democrats press for impeachment, the more Democrats keep alive the Russia-Trump collusion-conspiracy-obstruction allegations, the better for Republicans come 2020. Go Team Blue.

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