In the midst of so much continuing calamity, it has become difficult to fully grasp the sequence of events of the past six months. On January 16 of this year, in an exercise of consuming partisanship, leftist Democrats voted to impeach President Trump on baseless charges. Holding secret hearings in which their own star witnesses actually debunked the charges, they nevertheless engaged in shameless grandstanding as they marched the paperwork over to the Senate for the trial. Of course the Senate immediately dismissed the charges and rebuked the House for its despicable political stunt.

Next came the Wuhan virus “pandemic,” which quickly moved to center stage as an apocalyptic threat to humanity. Here again, leftist Democrats could barely contain their exuberance as they uttered one dismal prophesy after another, demanding businesses be shut down across the nation, devastating hard-working business owners and driving employees out the door and onto unemployment rolls, while throwing the markets into an unprecedented tailspin.

Eventually, public sentiment began to push back against efforts to keep the nation interminably in this wholly unnecessary lock down. But although “Red” state governors and public officials advocated restoring freedom and opportunity as expediently as possible, leftist Democrats relished their newfound authoritarian rule, refusing to cede any of it back to the peasantry. Consequently, many “Blue” states and municipalities suffered excessive and wholly unwarranted hardship, even including the needless loss of life.

But while those leftist Democrat officials saw no reason for honest, sincere Americans to be allowed the luxury of normality in their lives, they were perfectly willing to allow leftist activists to congregate in enormous numbers, the moment they had an excuse to attack innocent citizens and destroy their livelihoods. Hence while Churches were told to stay closed and threatened with legal action if they didn’t comply, lawless mobs were unleashed across America to advance the Democrat agenda as they rioted, looted, and committed arson. People could not legally congregate inside Churches to Worship God. But violent anarchists could gather outside to burn those Churches down!

Lately, the rioting has been losing its emotional impact, so on cue we are suddenly confronted with that “second wave” of the Wuhan virus, with all the dire prognostications droning on just as incessantly as they did on the first go around. Do leftists really believe Americans will so easily fall for all the fear mongering on this “cry wolf/sky is falling” rerun? The short answer is a resounding “YES.” Sadly, they may be right.

With a massive increase in testing, new cases of the virus are showing up. But as with the first onslaught, the fatality rate is extremely low. The numbers were so unimpressive in the spring that medical and public authorities had to play statistical games in order to sufficiently inflate them. More than once since then, investigations have revealed indefensible fraud, and real deaths have been revised sharply downward.

Meanwhile, every other dire side effect of this “plague” was grossly exaggerated and exacerbated to the maximum extent by leftist politicians and their Fake News media minions. Fear mongering reports of “possible” shortages early on caused store shelves to be empty of toilet paper, and this was loudly celebrated by the media. The same tactic was attempted with meats and other commodities, but never quite caught on.

This time however, the left is going into overdrive. Nancy Pelosi is demanding that masks be made mandatory. It is so disappointing that, once again, leftist Democrats are gaining “converts” just by turning up the heat. Throughout all of this, the positive effects of masks on the virus proved negligible, while their pitfalls are many. And with all the Democrat finger pointing going on, no mention is being made of the truly horrendous and unnecessary deaths caused by Democrat policies that put Covid-positive patients in nursing homes to maximize disease and death.

So the issue of the day is not keeping people healthy or restoring a flourishing nation, but insisting everyone wear masks. In the same sense that the riots were not about improving the lives of non-white Americans, the masks have shown no positive impact on virus numbers while presenting many hazards of their own. No matter. Americans must be taught to understand that they have no option other than compliance. Pay homage to “Black Lives Matter” and wear a mask. That way we all understand who’s really in control. And that’s the real message.

Yet as ominous as this is, it does not connote uncontested power on the part of the Democrats. Rather, it reflects their desperation and vulnerability. They are truly in their “end game,” and have been that way since election night 2016. Their only option is to fight to the death. So they keep turning up the intensity of their attacks, and our side keeps getting blindsided by them. Such successes will either lead to their eventual victory, or be the catalyst that results in the total implosion of their sick, perverted “cause.”

When President Trump was able to get his stimulus enacted, the Democrats were totally boxed in. Their response was to attempt a “one up” stimulus bill of their own, with even bigger outlays to the American people. But the stunt was as transparent as cellophane, with a singular purpose of regaining the loyalty of those who vote based on which party hands out the most to them.

Next was the news that black Americans support President Trump in unprecedented numbers, possibly even exceeding 40% of voters. Leftists could barely contain their sheer panic over that one. Again, their response was to turn up the pandering, by appearing in African garb, kneeling for the cameras in a nearly comical staged event. Once again, this shameless grandstanding totally backfired, as blacks were indignant over such embarrassing condescension and the total contempt it ultimately revealed.

The tendency of “our side” to grow anxious and dispirited at times like this is understandable. But such a reaction is wholly premature. Instead, this is the time to rally the people of Real America, in order to highlight the vast contrast between the nation’s future envisioned by conservatives and President Trump, as opposed to all of the horrible events that have wreaked horrendous damage on our nation since January. Abhorrent as things have been, they are but a glimpse of the suffering and devastation that would inevitably ensue if the Democrats are ever able to inflict them from a position of uncontested power.

The germs may have been real and just a “naturally” occurring event. But the societal disease that ensued was entirely deliberate. Americans should never forget its real source, and vote those responsible for it out of office.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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