Sunday, June 6th, was the 77th Anniversary of D-Day, the landing of Allied Forces on the beaches of Normandy France. Launching the effort to complete the defeat of Nazi Germany, thus liberating Europe from its occupation. The men storming those beaches, landing behind enemy lines by parachute and glider, advanced forces coming in days and hours before the landings, the Allied Navies’ and Air Forces’ bombardments and close support as well as the activities by the French resistance and the years of preparing for the day resulted in a successful operation. This operation was an expensive and difficult success for the Allied Forces. The outcome was still in doubt by the end of the day and for nearly a week after the landings.

It was expensive in materiel and supplies that did not make it to the beach. Yet, supplies and materiel did land on the beach to support the push inward and forward to Berlin. The part that was the most expensive? Lives of the men lost not only on this day, but every day of World War II. The dead were the same of all wars, largely young men fresh out of high school to college age. During World War I, a short 20 years earlier, it was stated that England and France nearly lost a whole generation of young men. World War II ended with similar carnage. The Allied effort was led by the United States of America, and include the forces of England, France, Australia, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, India, and other countries as well as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – on the Eastern Front.

These men, young and old, threw themselves into the tasks of attacking enemy positions knowing in advance that day, that moment, that second, may be their last alive on earth. On D-Day, many died before they had a chance to disembark onto the beach. Many died when they disembarked in water too deep to allow them to wade in with all their equipment dragging them down under the surface. Many died on the beach before reaching the starting point of their task. Some of the first wave were disembarked in the wrong location. Yet, they overcame that hurdle and completed their task. None-the-less, some were able to rally the troops and complete those critical tasks of pushing back the enemy to make the follow-on landings safer for the beaching of supporting troops, additional Allied combat units, and equipment.

D-Day was a multiyear undertaking of planning, ramping up material and supply production, transporting of war supplies to forward storage bases, and the seasoning, hardening, and training of troops. It was critical that a portion of the combat units had been seasoned and hardened in previous battles and with previous amphibious landings. If on that day, the Allies had failed, it would likely have taken years of stockpiling equipment and supplies before another attempt was feasible. The Day truly was an inflection point in human history – a do or die moment. The result of the day was so in question that Eisenhower – Supreme Commander and future President – would pen his statement about the failure before the beach landings had started.

June 6th is a special day that must be marked each year in America. The day is a significant day in Europe and World Human History. Citizens of France and England commemorate the day with parades, speeches, and visits to the landing beaches and the American Cemeteries. Therefore, I find the inability of this Democrat Administration -Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and other Democrat Representatives and Senators – to commemorate D-Day an expression of total contempt, and a reflection of their Anti-American and Anti-Freedom agenda. In particular, the comparison of those heroic soldiers, sailors, and airmen to the so-called antifa or “Anti-Fascists” is a particularly disgusting insult. Why? Because the antifa group then and now are not Anti-Fascists. They are the opposite. They are Fascists. Their name is a huge misnomer. A piece of propaganda and disinformation. The rationale being the name “antifa” ostensibly makes their motives honorable.

The Manifesto of the new antifa is the overthrow of local, state, and nation governments using violence. They are not interested in a peaceful change of rules, laws, or policies. It needs to be by violence. The violence is focused on any one or any government institution that stands in the way of their stated object. They attack the unarmed, old, and frail, and those alone. Attacking as a mob so that their prey is significantly outnumbered. Basically, modern antifa defines anyone or any group disagreeing with them as Fascists. Using this definition, everyone, including other antifa groups are Fascists. Likely this all started when the members of an antifa group were young teenagers and repeatedly referred to their parents as Fascists for enforcing rules.

The men of the Allied forces did not fight for negative purposes. Their goal was to free the people of Europe from the oppression of the Nazis. Violence and war should not be waged against innocent and peaceful people. Nor were these soldiers lawless. They had rules and laws that were required to be recognized and followed. They were bringing the light of freedom back to Europe. They were liberators of the oppressed. Quickly after freeing a city, support troops would move in, set up camps, then feed and doctor the local citizens as well as the enemy prisoners of war and Allied Forces. Their goal was to turn back and eliminate totalitarian Socialism as expressed in the forms of Fascism and Nazism. Yes, Fascism and Nazism are forms of Socialism. Along with Communism, they are collectivist forms of Government and forms of Socialism. Mussolini was a Socialist that developed Fascism. Hitler stated more than once that he was a Socialist because he hated Capitalism. Hitler was impressed by Mussolini’s Fascist form of Socialism and installed it in Germany after a slight alteration to Nazism. Stalin was desirous of converting a large industrial nation such as Germany to a Communist puppet state.

As for the Democrats, they use antifa in a fashion similar to how the Nazis used the old antifa, SA, and Brownshirts – fear, violence, destruction, and overwhelming the local police forces. Eventually, local police forces would be replaced with a German national police force. But then, the Democrats have become open Socialists. All one needs to do is compare the Nazi political party planks to those of the Democrats and the actions of the Democrats. Comparing the propaganda methods – developed by Goebbels – to those used by the Democrats and the media will clearly demonstrate strong parallels. Coupled that with the Democrats’ push to solely control political power and control the United States of America proves that they have become Fascists. How far will the Democrats go to have complete power? We see the division that they sow, and we are now being shown what they would do to ensure being elected and reelected, and what they will do to force the certification of a fraudulent election.

Finally, the false narrative of “the most secure election ever” is coming apart at the seams. If the election was honest and the vote fair, why would the Democrats not want to be transparent? Why would they not support forensic audits of the election? What do Democrats have to hide? Many Democrats have publicly spoken about using force against those that do not agree or comply with their objectives and process. If you do not agree or do not parrot their talking points you are labeled either a Fascist or a Racist. In short, the Democrats have become the Fascists. Like well-trained Alinsky radicals, and Fascists, Democrats project their dark motives and criminal activities upon their enemies. Remember, Hitler did not come to power by an election. Instead, he forced the Kaiser to entrust him with the power. Then he canceled all elections and ruled as a dictator, eliminated free speech, confiscated privately owned guns, and eliminated those individuals that were not “good Germans” or “undesirables”. However, the trains ran on time.

Why have the Democrats ignored the 77th Anniversary of D-Day? Because it shines a light on those that fought that day, and in that war, as well as in the previous wars and wars since as liberators of oppressed people. The self-sacrifice and the power of free people. They see soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the past, present, and future as threats to their power grab. They see the concept of freedom as a powerful idea that does not fit the false narrative that they and the media spew. Their goal is to make the morally corrupt link between the soldiers, sailors, and airmen of World War II and modern antifa to push the false narrative that they are of the same cloth. In the hopes of tricking Americans into believing that modern antifa thugs are the same as those brave liberators of the past that stormed that beach that day and fought across Europe to Berlin to free Europe. Linking these two vastly different groups together is an insult. The Administration not commemorating D-Day is an insult.

How can anyone who behaves as lawless thugs and criminals preying on weaker people even be mentioned in the same breath as a World War II Veteran or any other Veteran? The men who went ashore that day knew that many of them would not see the next. Yet, they charged forward to complete their task. Many boys of the same age, today, think they need “safe places” when someone with a different opinion confronts them. How would they measure up to the men of their same age from the past? Not, well. I am sure that some of the old Veterans of WWII could provide an “education” without much effort expended.

American owes a massive debt of gratitude to its Armed Forces, and, especially, to those that took part in D-Day as well as other battles. It was the success of D-Day that prevented a protracted WWII and eliminated the possibility that American would have had to stand against Hitler and his forces alone, without England as a massive island aircraft carrier and supply depot just off the coast of Europe.

We all need to remember that the American Armed Forces and each generation of our Armed Forces sign in their blood a blank check for the freedom and wellbeing of our nation. We can never repay the debt, only service the debt by providing for our veterans with the healthcare, housing, care, jobs, military friendly online colleges, and recognition that is deserved. Thus, ignoring D-Day by the current Democrat Administration proved a particularly distasteful and purposeful “no-comment” by the Socialist leaders of the Democrat Party.

Garrett W. Lindemann, Ph.D. is a conservative having survived the liberalism of academia, life sciences, and the left coast. Professionally, he has worked and traveled in North American and Europe. Previous publications include peer-reviewed science articles and articles in medical and science magazines, one self-published book, and two film documentaries. He is the author of many white papers, and inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

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