A Senate subcommittee recently met in Washington to talk about why the Obama administration continues to scrub the words “radical Islam” and related terms from official transcripts and other documents.

The oversight subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary is asking why the Obama administration has purged entire training manuals, censored other references to radical Islam, and famously refused to use the term. The administration maintains it does not want to offend peaceful Muslims.

“Should it really be the top concern of counter-terrorism whether their efforts ‘offend’ anyone rather than whether they work and keep Americans safe,” wonders subcommittee chairman Ted Cruz.

At the hearing, he asked national security consultant Chris Gaubatz, “What does it say to you that the Department of Justice is sanitizing and erasing the statement of who the Orlando terrorist was pledging his allegiance to?”

“It means if we don’t change course, we can expect more tragedies like what happened in Orlando,” Gaubatz responded.

The administration refused to allow any of its representatives to even appear at the hearing – what Cruz calls a willful blindness that is putting Americans at risk.

“From Little Rock, to Fort Worth, to Chattanooga, to San Bernardino, to the Boston Marathon, to Fort Hood, to Orlando — the red flags are there; the signs are there,” Cruz implored. “And yet the administration doesn’t connect the dots and act to prevent those acts of terrorism.”

“This isn’t a question of semantics,” the subcommittee chairman continued. “This is a question of whether the administration is willing to acknowledge what the threat is and [whether it is] willing to act to prevent acts of murder and terrorism before they occur.”



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