A recent article in the journal Nature says COVID lockdowns are key to beginning “personal carbon allowances” – something the creator of “the go-to source for global warming information and analysis” calls frightening and realistic.

The idea of personal carbon allowances (PCAs) is not new, but authors of the article say COVID-related restrictions have made people more prepared to accept tracking and limitations, which they claim could achieve a safer climate.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano says this is a frightening, realistic possibility that might be imposed in various nations, including the United States.

“They want to use Big Tech to use your smartphone to track you,” he says. “They want to use smart thermometers, the smart meters at your home where they can shut down your air conditioner or your heater if you’re making it too hot or too cold, whatever the case may be, [saying] You have to stay within your carbon climate allowance to save climate. We need a safer climate and you have to be a good foot soldier.”

Morano adds this is the kind of thing they can do with bureaucrats who bypass federal, state, and local legislators.

“They can do this under emergency measures, very similar to what they’ve done with COVID,” he says.


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