Radical, far-left teachers are indoctrinating students every day in American classrooms, often under the nose of unsuspecting parents, and a proposed policy in Illinois is helping make that indoctrination official.

Illinois Family Institute learned in mid-November the state Board of Education plans to introduce critical race theory and other race-based materials into teacher training and, from there, into every public school classroom.

IFI learned a 10-member state committee authored a 2,400-word document to affirm “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Standards” that are based on the racist critical race theory, the controversial 1619 Project, and the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement.

The state board is scheduled to act on the proposal in a Dec. 16 meeting.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says most parents will never know about this until their own children come home to espouse radical views.

“These learning standards are going to — if this is accepted — they will go to our rules committee,” she tells OneNewsNow. “And so if it passes, they would already be in there. I mean, this can get passed and nobody will know about it.”

In an extensive story about the “Culturally Responsive Teaching” plan, Higgins quotes from the document that teachers will instruct students on topics such as “systems of oppression,” “unearned privilege,” and “Eurocentrism.”

Quoting from the document itself, Higgins lists some of the objectives:

1.) Understand and value the notion that … there is not one “correct” way of doing or understanding something.

2.) Affirm students’ “backgrounds and identities.”

3.) Assess how their own biases and perceptions affect their teaching practice and how they access tools to mitigate their own racist, sexist, homophobic, Eurocentric behavior or unearned privilege.

4.) Be aware of the effects of power and privilege and the need for social advocacy and social action to better empower diverse students and communities.

5.) Align expectations … used in the classroom with the values and cultural norms of students’ families.

Responding to that list of objectives and many others, Higgins concludes:

Don’t be fooled by any of the tricksy rhetoric used in this amendment. None of the marginalized groups that will be valued, embraced, affirmed, coddled, and mollycoddled will be conservatives or theologically orthodox Christians. The leftists who wrote this amendment are not interested in the “backgrounds, communities, or cultures” of conservative students or theologically orthodox Catholics or Protestants.

What does such indoctrination look like when it moves from paper to the classroom?

According to The Washington Free Beacon, a D.C. middle school teacher created a lesson plan in which students “learned” the coronavirus pandemic was caused by racism and capitalism, and in particular by the United States.

The teacher, Caneisha Mills, created a “People’s Tribunal” in which students were asked what the “sentence” should be for those who allowed the pandemic. Students predictably concluded President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence should be jailed.

The teacher was apparently inspired by the Zinn Education Project, named after the communist academic Howard Zinn.

Higgins tells One News Now that a number of private Christian schools require teacher certification which means those teachers must sit through the far-left teachings, too.

For Illinois residents, Higgins’ online report includes a link to reach key state lawmakers who sit on the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.


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