Jake Tapper ended CNN’s State of the Union show Sunday by thanking President Donald Trump for some of his achievements during his term in office. He cited Trump’s approval of Operation Warp Speed for bringing us Covid vaccines, rethinking trade policies, peace in the Middle East, and his emphasis on bringing troops home.

He then switched to subjects that he said the president perhaps inadvertently should be thanked for like the relationship between the media and the government–which he said shouldn’t be antagonistic as has been the case over the last four years, but adversarial and that maybe Trump was right by not attending events where the press cozied up to the president.

But he reserved his real “thanks” for the “insane lawsuit” Trump pushed and led by Texas to overturn the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan which the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear in a ruling on Friday.

“18 state attorneys general, some U.S. Senators, and a majority of the House Republican caucus — 126 members — supported it. President Trump did us a favor by exposing these elected officials. They are definitionally people who signed on to a desperate desire to subvert the will of the American people, to disenfranchise voters in Georgian, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan based on lies and conspiracy theories, putting an immoral and corrupt power grab above democracy. President Trump did us a favor by revealing to us that those individuals are who they are.”

Tapper then praised the Republican officials who were attacked by Trump and other Republicans for not giving in to political pressure.

“Many Americans hoped that most Republican officials, while they agreed with Trump’s policies, did not like the uglier parts of his style, his willingness to lie or smear to achieve his ends,” he said. “But President Trump made House Republicans go on the record. He made them stand and be counted and 126 of them, including Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican whip Steve Scalise, they actually signed their names to this. This unconservative, undemocratic, un-American mendacious joke of a lawsuit that would disenfranchise millions of their fellow Americans.”

“The hope that most Republicans in the House were better than this — that’s been destroyed.”


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