Washington CNN — President Joe Biden falsely claimed last week that he got his student debt forgiveness initiative passed by Congress.

During an on-camera discussion conducted by progressive organization NowThis News and published online on Sunday, Biden told young activists that they “probably are aware, I just signed a law” that is being challenged by Republicans.

Biden then summarized the plan he announced in August, which offers cancellation of up to $20,000 in federal student loans for Pell Grant recipients and $10,000 for other borrowers (all subject to an income limit of less than $125,000 per person). Biden then said, “It’s passed. I got it passed by a vote or two, and it’s in effect.”

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Critics explode on Biden for claiming student loan payout passed Congress: ‘Really bizarre’

Biden’s student loan handout was done through executive action

Critics ripped into Joe Biden after the president falsely claimed that his student loan payout plan passed Congress.

During a town hall sponsored by NowThis News on Sunday, Biden flubbed a comment about his student loan relief plan, which was executed through executive action and was not passed through Congress.

“You’re probably aware I just signed a law that’s being challenged by my Republican colleagues—the same people who got PPP loans—during the, up to, in some cases up to five, six hundred thousand dollars. They have no problem with that—the individuals in Congress that got those,” Biden said.

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