Some residents of Phoenix, Arizona hope a prayer policy for city government will be placed on a future ballot.

Phoenix City Council had a policy of opening sessions with prayer until Satanists from Tucson asked to be placed on the schedule for their offering later this month.

Despite the pleas from some citizens to continue prayer, the council voted 5-4 to replace the policy with a moment of silence.

Attorney Josh Kredit of the Center for Arizona Policy says the Arizona legislature follows a policy that he likes, which is the public officials take turns sponsoring the prayer at the meetings.

“And then if one of them wants to invite a Satanist then they own it,” he says. “We know who it is and we know where they’re at.”

The council members gave up without a real battle, Kredit says, when the citizens were right. The citizens also had a Supreme Court ruling, from 2014, on their side.

“And yet now the sixth largest city in the United States, over the protests of many citizens, has completely done away with it,” he complains.

The attorney predicts that voters would approve that measure if it was put before them, and the city council may consider such a proposal in coming days.

Kredit says the purpose behind the Satanists is really to silence Christians – and they’ve accomplished that in Phoenix, at least for now.


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