Chris Wallace conducted a hostile interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Fox News Sunday yesterday. The hostility was all on the part of the host as Azar maintained his professional attitude throughout.

After insisting that President Trump should have made everyone wear a mask from the beginning, Wallace then insisted that Secretary Azar refer to Biden as ‘President-elect’.

The problem with that is despite what little media minds say, Biden isn’t yet officially President-elect. It’s simply a self-declared and media-declared unofficial title at this point.

“I welcome Vice President Biden to the club since the middle of April, the president’s guidelines for reopening …” Azar said. “The president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect,” interrupted Wallace.

Wallace wasn’t finished and again insisted that Azar use the media approved form of address a little later in the interview, “First of all, it’s the President-Elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar.”

Wallace went on to attack Trump’s policies. See it in the video below.

GOPUSA Editor’s Note: President or Vice-President Elect is an official designation granted when votes have been certified and the result is clear or commonly used after the opposing candidate has conceded. Media declarations do not confer legal status on a candidate.

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