With the insidious tenacity of termites, the RINOs are at it again in 2024, seeking to convince the Republican National Convention to abandon fundamental issues of morality and societal integrity, by removing the Party’s pro-life and pro-marriage platform planks. With this they hope to steer the party towards the platitude of fiscal only “conservatism.” They feel emboldened to make such a move in the wake of pro-abort ballot measures which passed in off-year elections in Kansas and Ohio. So they plot to derail party unity that should be focused singularly on victory for President Trump in November.

For starters, “fiscal conservatism” is neither fiscally sound, nor is it conservatism! It rides on the fictitious notion that society can descend into moral/spiritual rot, per the most craven deviancy of the leftist counterculture, without reaping the scars, and ultimately the horrendous financial costs that are the inevitable consequence. A move in this direction spawns more government bloat and spending for the empty promise of fixing everything broken by its very own morally debased policies.

Nevertheless, RINOs assure us that following such a course will make the party more palatable to more Americans. But beware! “Broadening the base” through moderation is a myth, and the RINOs well know it. President Trump can never move far enough to the left to gain the “good graces” of the Democrats. What he can do if he isn’t careful, is alienate just enough of his Christian/Conservative base to throw the election to the Democrats. Appalling as it may seem, such a move would be fine with the GOP “Establishment,” because its key players believe this would leave them in a position to continue reaping the perks of their seats in the Senate and Congress. Meanwhile, the rest of the Nation can go pound sand.

Predictably, leftists have created a new “villain” on which to fixate for all of their fear mongering. This latest bogeyman is “Project 2025,” a proposed blueprint by the Conservative think tank “Heritage Foundation,” advising how to restore the most worthy attributes of our Nation. The goal of Heritage is to remind Americans of what has worked, and how to re-establish those ideals to the benefit of all. Of course this would be the worst nightmare of countercultural leftists, who hysterically decry it as the new incarnation of Fascists and Nazis.

That’s an interesting twist in labeling, coming as it does from the champions of those Brownshirt BLM/antifa mobs who in just the past few years incited vandalism, looting, arson, and even violence to the point of murder against American Patriots who dare to oppose them. With monumental irony, since last October, these same leftist mobs have flaunted their support for the islamist terrorist organization Hamas, taking every opportunity to shout “Death to Israel!” and “Death to the Jews!”

Further duplicity in all of this is evidenced by their condemnation of Project 2025 under the premise that they have “compassion for women.” This brazen lie is not difficult to dispel, but only if the Republican Convention sticks to past principles of its platform. Leftist efforts to stoke fears over the “injustice” of a pregnant teen having to carry her unborn baby to term ring extremely weak and hollow, coming as they do from the same crowd this is just fine with your daughter being forced to undress in the presence of mentally ill, often predatory boys and men in their restrooms and locker rooms. And leftists have no problem with young girls being coerced and manipulated into having their breasts cut off and subjecting them to genital mutilation and hormone poisoning under the guise of “transitioning.”

A principled Republican Party would seize every subsequent mention of Project 2025 to remind Americans of these real dangers posed to them and their children by leftists in high office. Yet in a rare lapse of political prowess, President Trump appeared to respond defensively to leftist histrionics claiming to associate him with Project 2025. Sensing blood in the water, leftists have since gone into a full court press, making Project 2025 the centerpiece of shrill and frenzied catcalls of impending doom for America if Trump wins in November.

Enter the RINO opportunists on cue. Claiming to have a workable solution, they are now pushing for the Republican Convention to shift decidedly left with its party platform. It is crucially important to understand that such a move doesn’t have to alienate the totality of the President’s vast support base of Christian Conservatives for political disaster to ensue. If even a portion of that constituency determined that it could no longer support him in good conscience, the leftist/RINO strategy would have accomplished its real goal of “divide and conquer,” putting the Democrats in control for another four years, with the RINOs happily taking the back seat.

Of course, in the wake of such a defeat for President Trump, those same RINOs and leftists would vehemently assert that the party needs to be “restored” to its pre-Trump glory days of waffling and capitulation to the Democrats. We’ve seen enough to know it is dangerously short-sighted to put anything past the political “Establishment”/Swamp. The Fake News crowd has already attempted to promote the absolute absurdity of RINO sellout and J6 traitor Adam Kinzinger as a “future Republican presidential prospect.” Perhaps he might choose Liz Cheney as his running mate?

Even amid all of the disasters befalling our Nation at the hands of the leftist Biden Cabal (and space does not allow even a partial list here), if RINO treachery succeeds at the upcoming convention, President Trump can still lose in November. Do not doubt that the RINOs are doing their best to make it happen!

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. He is author of the book, “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” which is the “Go To” guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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