It’s not just clear now but has been clear throughout President Joe Biden’s entire political life that he has a real problem when it comes to continuously popping off his mouth with unsubstantiated facts and just plain stupid comments.

Our response to Biden’s comments through the years and now comes to us courtesy of Ronald Reagan, who famously said in a 1980 presidential debate against then-President Jimmy Carter, “There you go again.”

This famous dismissal from Reagan could easily be applied to our current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

On May 4, Biden called former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again movement the “most extreme” group in recent U.S. history and claimed gay children could face school segregation if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

When we think of extreme groups, the Ku Klux Klan immediately comes to mind or the Nazi skinheads, ANTIFA, the Black Panthers, Weather Underground or some members of the Black Lives Matter group. There are many more extreme groups, but these are just a few that come to mind.

Biden’s comment is very reminiscent of the words of two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who in 2016 when referring to Trump’s supporters said: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.

Clinton caught all kind of heat for her demeaning remarks and rightfully so because her comments were aimed at millions of Americans who supported Trump. Clinton’s characterization was ugly, not founded in truth and came across as very elitist.

You would have thought that others in the national Democratic Party would have learned not to characterize millions upon millions of voters as Clinton sadly did, but as we’re about to illustrate some clearly didn’t.

It appears Biden learned nothing from Clinton’s gaffe six years ago because of his aforementioned slanderous remarks.

It’s beyond hypocritical that Biden, who pledged to be a uniter and not a divider if elected president, would make comments like this that do nothing but cause more division.

We also take issue with Biden’s comments about school segregation for gay children. First, there is nothing for Biden to base his claims on that gay children will be segregated if Roe v. Wade is overturned. This is simply a scare tactic from Biden. We can’t think of even one elected official on the national scene who advocates anything this outrageous.

Biden is uniquely qualified to speak about segregation. This is a man who once praised segregationist politicians when he was a U.S. senator in the 1970s. This is the same man who in 2006 while speaking at a South Carolina rotary club said, “Delaware was a ‘slave state that fought beside the North.’ That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way.” Video exists of Biden laughing after making those remarks.

Finally, Biden praised former U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., at his funeral in 2010 while knowing that Byrd was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and also was the senator who led the longest filibuster in history against legislation in the 1960s to provide Blacks equal rights. Biden has also described segregated schools as “racial jungles.”

At the end of the day, Biden’s comments about MAGA supporters is a huge slap in the face to the more than 70 million Americans who cast their vote for the former president. He owes this large segment of the population an apology ASAP. These are mostly people who work hard, raise their families and live their lives. Our sometimes befuddled president seems to have them confused with radical leftists who attacked a federal courthouse for weeks, assaulted police and did billions in property damage during the height of the COVID epidemic.

Our country deserves much better from our president.
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