Coronavirus cases skyrocketing. Gas prices soaring. The border crisis still unresolved. Even Democrats are in full revolt.

President Biden is hitting some rough waters these days, with the public and some of his Democratic supporters starting to lose faith in his administration.

Even his honeymoon with the press seems to be waning. Biden officials are now accusing the media of over-hyping and misreporting the scope of the COVID surge among vaccinated people — a sure sign that the president’s relationship with the media has gone sour.

Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi are blaming Biden for failing to stop the coronavirus eviction ban from expiring, leading to a tense standoff in Congress.

If Biden can’t even keep Pelosi and the mainstream media in line, he’s in trouble. Failing to keep U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the squad under his wing is one thing, but Pelosi and the press shouldn’t be a problem.

Biden’s approval ratings, along with Vice President Kamala Harris’s, are also dropping and the public has lost confidence in his ability to contain COVID. The public fears a return to the days of the shutdown, which would be another crippling blow to the economy.

Biden never should have declared the war with coronavirus over, but he was so desperate for a victory that he did anyway.

Rookie mistake. Doesn’t he remember George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” blunder in the war against Iraq? Bush never has lived that one down.

About the only thing Biden has done right lately is decline an invitation to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash with the rich and famous on Martha’s Vineyard. Sure, Biden would love to go and rub elbows with George Clooney but even he isn’t stupid enough to attend a potential delta variant super-spreader event.

You also know things are bad for the Democratic administration that they’re resorting to demonizing anyone with an “R” after their name. They can’t really defend their record, so they try to criminalize the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Here’s a crazy suggestion — how about paying attention to the job at hand and not bringing back the ghost of Donald Trump. Americans will judge the Biden administration on how well it contained COVID and kept the economy running. If Democrats fail to do that, no amount of demonizing will hide their record.

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