Beto O’Rourke, the former congressman, says he might run for Texas governor but a Republican activist calls that a silly dream.

Bolstered by glowing media coverage, O’Rourke challenged Sen. Ted Cruz in a 2018 election only to lose 50%-48% in a narrow win for the incumbent Republican.

Approximately 219,000 votes separated them of 8.3 million that were cast.

After a brief run for president in 2020, O’Rourke, 48, is mulling a bid to challenge Gov. Greg Abbott next year even though the Democrat is staunchly pro-abortion, supports open borders, and has vocally called for banning firearms, all in the still-reliably “red” state.

According to an Associated Press story, O’Rourke mulling a run for governor comes at a “dark moment” for Democrats in Texas who had “massive expectations” in 2020 that, in the AP’s words, “flopped spectacularly.”

Cathie Adams, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, says O’Rourke is “still dreaming” of a political win after trying to win a U.S. Senate seat.

“Since that time, the same Robert Francis O’Rourke has run for president,” Adams points out, “and as he was running, he proclaimed all kinds of liberal nonsense that people are going to be able to see the truth now.”

More recently, O’Rourke will now have a difficult time running for a statewide office after vocally supporting the Biden administration’s far-left agenda, she adds.


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