Give Karen Lewis a microphone, and you never know what she’s going to say. Lewis is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union… you know, the one who led the strike last year leaving so many students without teachers. Now, she’s talking about the so-called “wealth disparity” in America and harkening back to the days when the wealthy were beheaded.

As reported by, Lewis was giving a speech at the Illinois Labor History Society’s “Salute to Labor’s Historic Heroes from the History Makers of Today” conference. She drew laughter when she mentioned that back in the “old days,” the evil wealthy people were simply beheaded.

There is so much wrong with her comments, that I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, I don’t think there was ever a time in the United States of America when the wealthy were beheaded. Just sayin’.

Lewis says we’re not “at that point,” but what’s the whole purpose of alluding to it? That we might be soon, and that it’s ok?

Diving deeper into her comments reveals the mind of a liberal: “Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them.”

Think about that statement for a minute. “Their riches.” What does she mean by that? Money? Probably. Property? Possibly. Other possessions? Sure. The fact is that “riches” mean those things which those people OWN. If they own it, why would they let it be “legislated” away. Why would ANYONE, regardless of income, support legislation that takes his or her possessions away?

But that’s how liberals think. They think government owns. Government commands. And people are there simply to serve the government. Wrong!!

Unfortunately, these are the people who occupy positions of leadership. And their entire platform is, “What can I take away from this person?” That’s not the kind of leadership we need.

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