A prominent pro-family group is calling out the Biden administration for appointing – and the Democrat-led Senate for confirming – a radical abortion activist to head America’s largest executive agency, against Joe Biden’s claims to unite the county with moderate appointments.

Family Research Council is decrying the U.S. Senate’s 50–49 vote on Thursday to confirm Xavier Becerra (pictured) as the new secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. FRC’s Tony Perkins – head of the conservative nonprofit based in Washington, DC – is discouraged that President Biden and Democratic Party officials are using health care and the COVID-19 pandemic as a guise to enforce their radical left political agenda.

“We’re disappointed to see the U.S. Senate hand the job of leading our nation out of the worst pandemic in 100 years to a man with zero training in medicine, science, pharma or the health care world,” Perkins states a press release. “The only real experience he has with the industry is suing hospitals, pregnancy care centers and other entities that aren’t pro-abortion enough for his liking.”

The conservative leader recalls that as California’s attorney general, Becerra forced his extremist views on California’s citizens – despite the U.S. Supreme Court rebuking him for pushing such overtly radical policies – yet Biden still approved him.

“As Senator James Lankford noted, President Biden could have chosen a better Secretary of Health and Human Services using LinkedIn – but instead, the man he chose is less than qualified for anything but aggressively targeting political adversaries,” says Perkins.

“Biden promised to unite the country, and then he assigned the most radical advocate for the left’s pro-abortion, anti-First Amendment agenda he could find to lead the nation’s largest executive agency.”

So much for transparency and moderate agenda

In the face of the Biden administration’s promise for transparency, Becerra veiled his radical pro-abortion agenda before his confirmation.

“In his Senate hearings, Xavier Becerra refused to identify any policy to expand abortion he would oppose, and even refused to apologize for his past support for the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion,” Perkins notes.

Connor Semelsberger is FRC’s director of federal affairs for life and human dignity. He warns how devastating Becerra’s reign over the HHS can be for those committed to the sanctity of human life – whose constitutional ideals were championed by the Trump administration.

“The Department of Health and Human Services has the broadest authority of any agency over federal policies affecting abortion and conscience rights for health care providers,” says Semelsberger. “[But] Becerra has made it clear through his nomination process that he does not intend to champion a unifying health care response to the pandemic, but rather he plans to export the pro-abortion policies he championed in California across the whole country.”

The radical policies during the Obama administration – such as the Obamacare contraception mandate that came from HHS – “will pale in comparison to what we can expect with Becerra at the helm,” the FRC spokesman concludes.


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