An advocate for traditional values is convinced Barack Obama was, in fact, lying when he referred to a “growing chorus” across America calling for boys to have access to girls’ facilities in public schools.

When the official announcement was made that emotionally confused kids could use the bathroom and shower facility of their choice, the president and two federal agencies (the Departments of Education and Justice) said they were responding to a “growing chorus of educators, parents, and students” who were requesting the action.

Public Advocate USA president Eugene Delgaudio says his group “smelled a rat” and now has poured over 424 pages of official government records obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests (see summary here).

“That gigantic avalanche that the president made reference to, and [that] he’s talked about probably hundreds of times since then, turns out to be four – count them – four confused individuals and their parents and a couple of special-interest memos,” Delgaudio explains.

So was the president just misinformed when he referred to a “chorus” – or was something else afoot?

“Well, I think the president was obfuscating and he was lying,” responds Delgaudio. “[He was] misrepresenting a handful of people because there were no public members; there was no public outcry.”

Public Advocate’s research found several thousand letters from people who were objecting to the new policy, which Delgaudio refers to as “a lawless transgendered bathroom decree.” The group says if there was a “growing chorus” of any type, that was it: those who opposed the move.

“[But instead this] was essentially his highness issuing a decree, expecting that no one ever would ask: Well, just exactly who is it that you’re responding to?” says Delgaudio.

Public Advocate did ask – and the information it gleaned from the documents obtained through the FOIA is the substance of what the organization has revealed.

Since the administration’s move earlier this year, 30 states have joined a federal court lawsuit to stop Obama’s move to appease transgenders and further advance his pro-LGBT agenda.


Copyright American Family News. Reprinted with permission.

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