A few weeks ago, I pointed out how MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was party to one of the biggest “news” frauds that I have ever seen. She reported on Mitt Romney supposedly being “out of touch” by using video footage that was cut, edited, and spliced in such a way as to prove her point. Pathetic. But look what happens when she has to stand on her own and debate.

This is a great clip featuring former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu. The interview starts out with Andrea Mitchell trying to push a central theme: Mitt Romney will face a tough time due to his former employer (Bain Capital) supposedly outsourcing jobs. After all, this election is all about jobs, right? American jobs, right?

First things first. Mitt Romney didn’t outsource jobs, and all references that Obama and his media cohorts try to point to are from a time when Romney was no longer employed at Bain Capital. That’s just a fact.

Now, for even better facts. Guess who is NOW… RIGHT NOW… actively outsourcing jobs? Mitt Romney? No. Barack Obama? Yes! With grant after grant and loan after loan, Obama is working to create jobs… in places like Denmark, Mexico, and Finland. What about America?

During this election, many so-called “facts” will be reported by the media. It’s important to remember, when talking with friends and colleagues that the so-called main stream media is 100% behind Barack Obama. If someone comes up to you and starts talking about Mitt Romney and outsourcing, come right back at them. The facts are the facts, and they are on our side.

Please spread the word. It’s too bad Obama isn’t running for president of Finland. He could run on a record of actually creating jobs.

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