The early days of 2022 are not so much “the winter of our discontent” as they are days of discombobulation.

During the campaign, Joe Biden channeled his geriatric Tom Cruise right down to the aviator sunglasses and assured us he would shoot down COVID-19.

But on Dec. 27, not quite one year into his term, he used a virtual meeting with the nation’s governors to virtually abandon all the bragging, bravado and bluff he barked out on the stump.

On confronting COVID-19, Biden said, “Look… there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level.”

Lucky for Ol’ Joe that the First Amendment allows “bait and switch” on the campaign trail; otherwise, he might be facing a consumer complaint of public policy fraud.

Of course, the citizenry sees what’s going on and recent poll numbers reveal that the coming judgment of voters could be harsh. A Civiqs rating conducted over the final weekend of 2021 found only 36% of registered voters approved of his job performance. That leaves Democrats in the House and Senate trying to figure out how to hang on to their jobs as they face the 2022 midterms in early November.

While whispered complaints may be heard in the Dems’ Capitol Hill cloakrooms, there’s a growing consensus that another aging government official will soon need to “retire.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci may still enjoy the undying admiration of leftist elites — MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace described herself on-air as a “Fauci groupie … thrice vaccinated, mask adherent.” But the talk about the diminutive doctor has turned dismissive.

“The Drudge Report” isn’t what it used to be, since founder Matt Drudge took his millions and left editorial control to others. Yet even the new, more moderate editors found fault with Fauci, citing the more than 800,000 COVID-19 deaths and his own advancing age. The headline was emboldened in red: “Too old?”

Too self-infatuated, comes the unspoken reply.

Followers of Fauci-ism seek his face and believe his words to the exclusion of anyone or anything else. How sad that they’ve ignored the most cogent explanation concerning the arrival of the new Omicron variant, offered by Dr. Robert Malone.

Malone, developer of the mRNA vaccine platform, believes that Omicron “looks an awful lot like a Christmas present.” Simply stated, he thinks this new variant is a mild form of the ailment — highly contagious, almost never fatal, and the perfect vehicle for building national immunity within the populace.

Instead of promoting the promise of this possibility, Fauci-ists regard this theory as heresy. Malone has been banned by Twitter, but many are atwitter with excitement. Eventually, Fauci-ism will fall by the wayside, a casualty of no credibility and even less common sense.

Besides, the author and perfecter of a much older faith told his flock, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Expect Fauci to wind up outside of government service quite soon, banished to an exile in a place even worse than Washington, D.C. — a place known as “East of Eden.”

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