“A democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” – John Adams

America’s ultimate power in the world rests more on its democratic ideals than its economic and its military strength. Since our founding, our commitment to the rule of law, freedom of the press, and equal justice for all has been the envy of all free world nations. And what has influenced the world’s opinion most about America is how its 50 states remain independent under a central government.

In the past few decades, the world has watched in collective horror as our once proud democracy falls from grace. A destructive political divide between progressives and the people threatens to destroy our representative democracy. From street violence, to threatening the Supreme Court, using federal police for political gain, our democratic republic has been abducted by progressives.

Our allies are deeply concerned about our future. European leaders worry that the U.S. socialist progressive movement will spread to their countries. French President Macron said he still believes in American democracy. It is time that we show some respect for our own democracy. too.

“Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment, but it is a determined choice of trust over cynicism.” – George W. Bush

According to Freedom House, the U.S. world freedom score dropped 11 points last decade. It fell three points in 2021. This moved the U.S. out of the top tier that included nations such as France and Germany. This is the first time since Freedom House has been tracking democratic freedom that America has fallen into the second tier along with weaker democracies like Romania and Panama.

Michael J. Abramowitz, president of Freedom House, said, “Authoritarian powers, especially China, are advancing their interests around the world, while democracies, especially America, is divided and consumed by internal conflicts. For freedom to prevail on a global scale, the American people must work together to strengthen democracy at home if they ever want to see democracy abroad.”

The world has seen the damage done to our democracy in less than two years with a progressive trifecta and eight previous years of progressive leadership. If we continue at this pace, the U.S. will share the dubious space of Orban’s Hungary and Erdogan’s Turkey on the World Freedom index.

World democracies use to think since the U.S. had such a long history of democratic government it would always be maintained as its national identity. They also felt that America had a society that had too much individual strength to relinquish its freedom to a group of powerful beltway politicians.

So what has caused America to go backwards on the world freedom index? It started following the Great Recession with Obama’s “change campaign.” Feeling the misery of the economic collapse, voters looked to progressives for a new direction. They believed Obama when he said “he’d even the playing field for everyone.”

“We are the change you have been looking for.” – Barack Obama

The world listened when Obama claimed he would unite America and make changes in our society and government that would benefit democracy. Obama claimed to be an expert on race relations, and he negotiated the terms of social contracts for Blacks, other identity groups and LGBTs. Every local racial incident gained national focus and was a talking point Obama used to “school America.”

Obama’s obsession with race changed world opinion about American homogeneity. They saw America in a different light. With a number of high-profile incidents with police and violent protests by identity groups, many Americans, as well as world democracies, felt race relations were worse.

“The police acted stupid. I’ve invited them to a beer summit at the White House.” – Barack Obama

The world watched Obama force progressive policies on America. His America shared the wealth and everyone paid their fair share. Poverty increased and he expanded the welfare state. He over-regulated business and his $825 billion stimulus package was filled with gifts for special interests.

Obama’s only legislative achievement, Obamacare, a gift few people wanted, was put under the Christmas trees in America on Christmas Eve, 2009. Again, the world took notice as America’s free market healthcare was snatched away from them by a group of Washington progressive politicians.

“I promise. Once we pass the bill and you take the time to read it, you will like it.” – Nancy Pelosi

During Obama’s first term, it became obvious that he cared more about politics than about policies for America. And voters rebelled. Democrats suffered huge losses in state legislatures and governor-ships. They also lost the House after two years. Obama’s partisan politics and progressive social policies handcuffed American Democracy. This increased our decline on the world freedom index.

America prospered under Donald Trump, with the lowest unemployment and best economy in five decades. Yet media did their best to negatively influence world opinion about Trump’s leadership.

Our allies loved us, and our enemies hated us and media turned this into a global double negative.

“I took this job for one reason. I wanted to make America a great nation again.” – Donald Trump

The Great Recession and Obama’s change rhetoric gave socialists and progressives a voice on the world stage that has tainted global opinion about American democracy. It has not only affected our democratic republic, but it has shown the world we are venerable to factions and not dependable.

For the last two years, America has been run by a progressive trifecta which has accelerated its decline on the World Freedom index. Free world nations are expressing concern about censorship, increased violence, out of control spending, self-inflicted inflation and one political party dominating policy. This is not the America that they once admired for its democratic strength as a world power.

When a country that was energy independent just two years ago, has its president visiting rogue nations like Venezuela begging President Nicolás Maduro to produce more oil to sell to America, the world is not impressed. This makes America lose face with our allies as well as our enemies!

Edmund Burke said, “Democracy must be defended every day.” A recent Pan-European survey shows since Joe Biden took office, the UK and the majority of EU member states think the U.S. political system is in trouble, and Europe can no longer rely on the U.S. They now look to Berlin rather than Washington as their most important partner. They fear that China will soon take over as the world’s super-power, and America will not be capable to defend world democracy any longer.

The progressive trifecta has broken our democracy and the world is taking notice. We can’t defend foreign democracies if we cannot defend ours. Are we ready to start doing that, or will we continue down the progressive path of democratic destruction?

“The best way to protect and to defend world democracy is to demonstrate to them how well it works for us here in America.” – Jimmy Carter

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