You can’t have a Republican Party if you don’t have a coherent and cohesive agenda. What do Republicans stand for? We can’t answer that question and get all Republicans to agree, judging by the way they vote with Democrats sometimes.

But with Democrats, you ask them what they stand for and they will all agree: Climate change mandates, avoidance of fossil fuels, trans rights, gay rights, drag rights, abortion, “social justice”, pedophilia, free stuff, socialized medicine, anti-capitalism, dissolution of the Constitution, gun confiscation, the abolition of private property, defunding police, liberality in prosecuting criminals, legalizing all recreational drugs, DEI, SEL, ESG, CRT. Democrats are all in for lewdness, looseness, and loudness.

The Left have a concrete agenda and it does not involve freedom, liberty, and self-sufficiency. It does not involve being left alone and leaving others alone to pursue happiness except when it is they doing the pursuing of said happiness. Republicans are not allowed to pursue happiness if Democrats have anything to do with it. Progressivism will seep into every conservative crack, like laundry scum. They are not content doing their own thing. They want to do ours as well.

Republicans are notoriously squishy. People like Linsey Graham, who waxes hot and cold when it comes to being a conservative, are the ones hurting our brand, such as it is. Romney & Co. (the RINOs), have given conservatism not just a bad name, but another name: Cowards. You will rarely see a Democrat break ranks or speak out against his party, but you can put money on a dozen Republicans breaking ranks. We must rid ourselves of these Quislings, who, for the comfortable conscience of capitulation, are only too willing to virtue-signal until their raised hands get fatigued. Surrender to the alleged superior tolerance and progressiveness seems to be what allows RINOs to sleep at night, while keeping the rest of us awake, wondering what fresh new surrender lurks behind the comity of the faceless surrender-monkeys among us.

We do need a new Party, but we cannot win with a separate party, a third party. What must happen is that the true conservatives in the GOP must wrest control of it from the squishes. Launch a massive, persistent and consistent but simple multi-point agenda that everyone, in both parties can understand and get on board with. If we are ever to win another election, given the massive cheating that is going on, we have to change some Democrat minds as well as the GOP squishes who refuse to vote because they’re sick of the GOP. Many Democrats are sick of the wokeness and want their party back from the Squad, from the Jew-haters, from the sexually-perverse and from the cultural F-bomb that has lain its toxic fallout over the Democrat Party. I suggest we give it to them, slightly modified.

Here is a proposed agenda for a new GOP. Add your own:

1. The elimination of any and all race-based programs, curricula, or political philosophy in American business and education. This includes DIE, CRT, ESG, and SEL.

2. Energy independence with nuclear power as a real goal.

3. The reduction of taxes across the board.

4. Fire all the heads of all Agencies, including the FBI, SEC, FCC, CIA, EPA, and IRS, who show bias of any kind.

5. Free the Jan. 6 prisoners and lock up the real criminals who are turning blue cities into bloody prisons.

6. Go back to paper ballots.

7. The removal of all Chinese police stations, property-gobbling, and other sinister buyups by Chinese nationals.

8. Removal of all sex-based curricula, drag queenery, and anti-white segregation in public schools and colleges. Then defund these colleges if they will not let conservatives speak.

9. A hands-off approach to Churches and synagogues. This is hallowed ground.

That’s enough for now. Just nine simple ideas. But so far, we have heard only one attempted “Contract with America” from Republicans and that was months ago. No follow up, nada, zip, zero, zilch. So far, we have had Congressional hearings which seem to go nowhere, good only for a day’s TV coverage. The Left won’t answer questions honestly and they lie. What good is actually coming of this?

The GOP has no consistency, and no real agreement within the Party. This must change or we should just surrender. Sometimes, it already seems as though we have.


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