If you think the alt-left media are fully in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome now, just wait until Jan. 20.

Remember when George W. Bush was president and he couldn’t do anything right? And then along comes Obama who couldn’t do anything wrong? Seldom — make that never — was heard a discouraging word, for eight years.

When was the last time you saw a story about the national shame of homelessness? It was before Jan. 20, 2009, I guarantee you.

Do you doubt me? Yesterday, on a media website, a new job listing was posted by the Guardian: “Homelessness editor, SF.” If there’s an editor, that means there will also be reporters. Many reporters, most likely. It’s very sad, the thought of millions of people being tossed out onto the street Jan. 19.

The Trump presidency is going to be like Bush’s second term, only on steroids. The alt-left media, or what remains of it, are going to try to take him down.

The cost of presidential vacations — scandalous. And how dare he play a round of golf during wartime?

All the old knocks that are used only during GOP presidencies are about to be dusted off again. Quagmire. Jobless recovery. McJobs. Candlelight vigils. Code Pink.

For the first time in eight years, late-night “comedians” will make jokes about the president.

The State of the Union will once more be fact-checked, in real time.

Every U.S. casualty will again become a “grim milestone.” Think flag-draped coffins at Andrews AFB.

Think drone strikes on “wedding parties.” Amazing how Obama’s Predator strikes never hit a single wedding party once in eight years.

Every Trump reform will become a “War,” as in “War on Children,” “War on the Elderly,” “War on the Environment.”

Every holiday will see a blizzard of stories about, “What do we tell the children?” That, too, has already started.

On Thanksgiving, the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, emailed that her 6-year-old grandson was terrified.

“Yesterday,” she wrote, “as I pulled out the bowls to start working on a cake, he asked in a low voice if we would still have Thanksgiving since Trump was elected. I said, yes, we would.”

Next, New Year’s: “He asked me, will we have any more New Years, once Trump gets the nuclear codes?”

Endless segments with “constitutional law” professors on CNN: “Does this rise to the level of an impeachable offense?” (Answer: yes.)

A terrorist attack — Trump’s fault because of Islamophobia. A hurricane — Trump’s fault because he nixed the Paris climate change whatever. A mass shooting — why won’t Trump support “commonsense” repeal of the Second Amendment?

They don’t care. The alt-left media know they’re going out of business, so they figure they might as well take Trump along with them.

Impeachment or Chapter 11 — which comes first for the failing alt-left media? My guess is, the latter.

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