Ahmed Mohamed, better known as “Clock Boy” — better known as the tool by which Barack Obama was able to advance his narrative of an anti-Muslim America — just lost yet another of his family’s court cases. And for the love of God, please let this be the last.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay this week dismissed Clock Boy’s wrongful arrest suit against the Irving Independent School District, ushering in a moment of, hopefully, final sanity in what’s been a very long, very insane, very politicized series of moments that began in 2015.

That was when little 14-year-old Mohamed brought to class a homemade clock that by all appearances resembled a bomb. And by resemble, it’s meant, the device was a jumble of wires and pieces of metal assembled in a briefcase, complete with what appeared to be timer. His English teacher saw it, warned him about its appearance and, after it started beeping in class, confiscated it and alerted school authorities. Police responded and questioned Mohamed, and then took him to a juvenile detention facility for fingerprinting and photographing, under suspicion of bringing a hoax bomb to class.

Ultimately, it was determined that Mohamed’s clock-that-looked-like-a-bomb was in fact, only a clock and that little Mohamed didn’t mean any harm — that he hadn’t brought the device to scare anyone. But by then, his parents were outraged — and so, too, became Obama who said just because the boy had ties to terror hotspot Sudan, and was of the oft-terror-tied Islam faith, was no reason to think the clock-that-looked-like-a-bomb was really a bomb.

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Mohamed’s family kicked off a series of lawsuits, alleging everything from mental anguish to civil rights violations to defamation of character, ultimately even slinging suits Glenn Beck’s and Ben Shapiro’s and Fox News’ way. Why go after the news guys?

Because after a little while, some in the media started to get the idea, based on look-sees into Mohamed’s past run-ins with authority figures, that the whole clock-that-looked-like-a-bomb thing was staged — a political stunt to get the family money and give the leftists in the political world a means by which to show just how supposedly discriminatory Americans are against Muslims. And they dared to say so, which of course, caused the mental anguish to the Mohamed family.

So the family demanded $15 million from the school. That suit was dismissed in 2017. Then they sued the news guys for defamation. And that suit was dismissed in 2017. Then they sued more news guys in a different court. And that suit was dismissed in 2017. And then they sued the Irving Independent School District and the city of Irving and oh, yes, some other people, too.

And now, just this week, that suit was dismissed — and the Mohamed family was ordered to pay the court costs.

Finally. The family’s been living in Qatar since late 2015.

Let’s hope this is the last we hear of them.

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