Now that a teenage boy who identified as transgender has been sentenced for sexually assaulting female classmates in school, a conservative activist says justice is coming for disgraceful public school board officials who created the policy and defended it, and then covered up his crime from the public and from concerned parents.

The 15-year-old boy, whose identity is not public because he is a minor, was sentenced to three years in a juvenile facility after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two teen girls, in two separate incidents, at high schools in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Citing the frightening conclusions in psychosexual and psychological evaluations of the young man, Judge Pamela Brook also ordered him to be registered as a sex offender at age 18 when he is released. The judge acknowledged in court she had never done so before, The Associated Press reported.

“Yours scared me,” she said of the two reports. “I don’t know how else to put it. They scared me for yourself. They scared me for your family. They scared me for society.”

Now that the teenager is behind locked doors, Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia says there are school officials who must face consequences, too.

“They put every girl in the schools at risk,” she says, “to serve their political agenda and their ideological interests, and then lied about it. It’s shameful and it should be criminal.”

Daily Wire uncovered Smith’s story

Loudoun County, a wealthy community in northern Virginia, witnessed an army of parents revolt last year after learning their children were being subjected to far-left ideology about transgender rights, and race-based lessons on “equity” and “white privilege,” which are tenets of Critical Race Theory. That blame accurately fell on the Loudoun County School Board, which witnessed its sleepy school board meetings turn into raucous, standing-room-only forums in which irate parents demanded — but never saw — policy changes.

“The parent protests won’t stop,” parent Rachel Pisani told Fox News last summer. “I mean, we are an army of moms and parents that will not stop until we’re heard. So they can mute our mics, they can arrest us, they can kick us off of public property. We’re not going to stop.”

That heated stand-off between parents and the school board went on and on, for weeks and months over the summer, until news website The Daily Wire learned why a parent named Scott Smith had demanded time to speak. Smith had been arrested and led away by police at a June school board meeting, and the Wire learned from Smith’s personal attorney weeks later why he was angry and ignored orders to leave. Back in May, attorney Elizabeth Castle told the Wire, Smith’s daughter had been sodomized in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High by a teen boy wearing a skirt.

Loudoun County parents, who had been mocked and ignored by school board members, and were branded racists by their “woke” neighbors, learned from the Daily Wire story the teenage boy had been transferred to a second high school, Broad Run High, while awaiting trial for the first assault. At that second school, he had assaulted the second female.

Angered and jolted by that revelation, more than 60 people took turns speaking before the school board back last October, The Daily Wire reported in a follow-up story to its exclusive about Smith. In the one minute allotted them, they called for the entire school board to quit in shame for choosing left-wing ideology over the safety of innocent student.

Numerous parents also demanded the school board immediately fire Scott Ziegler, the Loudoun County Schools superintendent, because they had not forgotten his own words from months before. He had assured parents that, to his knowledge, “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.” That claim, however, was not true because Loudoun County Schools was cooperating at the time with law enforcement after Smith’s daughter reported the assault.

Even worse, Ziegler made that comment at the same school board meeting where Smith was arrested.

“What is worse than a child being raped at school?” one frustrated parent said back in October. “The coverup by those who are trusted with the safety and well-being of children.”

Public won’t see internal review 

According to Cobb, Ziegler and the school board have refused to admit what they did but parents are doing what is best for their children: Taking their children elsewhere.

“There’s been the highest flight out of public schools in Virginia over the last year,” she tells American Family News. “So we’re seeing that people are seeing these situations and choosing something else.”

This week, eight months after the first sexual assault at Stone Bridge High, Fox News reported Loudoun County Schools has concluded a review of the school district’s handling of the sexual assault allegations and the investigation that followed.

A school district spokesman said the report is “complete” but will not be released to the public.

Meanwhile, at last four school board members are facing a grassroots push in the courts to forcibly remove them from office.


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