A tea party leader says Kamala Harris will offer nothing in the way of helping Joe Biden if she is his pick for vice-president.

Just hours after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, Joe Biden suggested that his one-time rival, California Senator Kamala Harris, may play a big role in his campaign moving forward. Biden has already pledged to pick a female running mate if he is the Democratic presidential nominee.

But Tom Zawistowski, president of the tea party-affiliated We the People Convention, says Harris is a poor choice.

“Kamala Harris certainly didn’t show any ability to get support from Democratic voters throughout her entire presidential run, and she’s from California — a state they’re going to win no matter what anyway,” Zawistowski submits. “So I’m not sure how that helps Joe Biden get new voters that he’s going to need to win.”

The conservative adds that this will be complicated by the fact that voters would be viewing the vice president as the president.

“Joe Biden’s mental issues are so acute that no one believes that if he were to get elected that he would be able to function for an entire four-year term,” Zawistowski asserts. “So that puts a real spotlight on Kamala Harris. She has no appeal, so quite frankly, I think it’s a poor choice by Biden.”

He adds, though, that that is typical, as the Democratic Party has mostly made poor choices.


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