“Adam Schiff has proven that he never was and never will be an unbiased arbitrator. He claims he wants to find the truth, but spends all day attacking everyone who questions him.” – Rudy Giuliani

After law school, Adam Schiff took a job as a prosecutor near Hollywood hoping to pursue a career as a screen writer. He intended to turn his victories as a prosecutor into screen dramas where the prosecutor was the hero and solved every case. He also wrote a number of cop and robber stories. But when nobody bought them, Schiff turned to beefing up his liberal political resume to move onto the national stage. His dream job was being chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

After losing two California Assembly races and serving one term in the state Senate, Schiff was in the right place at the right time to venture into national politics. With his career as a screen writer floundering, when the DNC offered Schiff an opportunity to take out Jim Rogan, the guy who arbitrated the Bill Clinton impeachment, he jumped on it. It was his chance to showcase his skills as a heroic Democratic prosecutor and upstage Hollywood’s legal beagle Perry Mason.

Jim Rogan was a bipartisan choice to lead the impeachment since he was a former prosecutor. But Bill Clinton turned the trial into a circus of word games and urban slang and he was acquitted. And the embarrassed DNC vowed to end Rogan’s political career. So Clinton and his pack of national henchmen funneled the largest sum of money into one House race in history to elect Schiff.

“Most presidents’ memoirs are dull. I guarantee you that mine will be anything but dull.” – Bill Clinton

Schiff knew he was handed that seat in Congress on a gold coast platter. He had over $6 million in out-of-state money in his treasure chest before he started to campaign. Even Bill Clinton came out and rallied the troops for him. His army of operatives registered voters, held rallies, and had yard signs everywhere, including the entrance of Forest Lawn cemetery that said “Bury Jim Rogan.”

Since he arrived in Congress, Schiff has been a gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats. He has been playing the role of a hero prosecutor, the main character in his failed books, since he arrived in DC. Those hours he spent at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Hollywood paid off.

When he arrived at Congress, Nancy Pelosi greeted him personally and reminded him that he was not just another representative from California. He was expected to unite with the progressive wing of the party and use his experience as a former prosecutor to eradicate competition from the right.

“Bipartisanship is OK, but it’s no substitute for action. I don’t let it stand in my way.” – Nancy Pelosi

Upon taking his seat in Congress, Schiff assumed roles on subcommittees and committees with an eye on chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee and Intelligence and Appropriations. Since the GOP controlled Congress, Schiff kicked back plotting what he’d do once he got the gavel.

Schiff was the ranking Democrat on the Benghazi panel. The Democrats’ report found compound security was compromised yet Schiff painted Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as victims of a terrorist internet video. He evaded every question about Clinton’s “lost emails” and Obama’s lack of action.

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Schiff knew the time had come for him to pay back the debt he owed Clinton. For two years, he tried to prove collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Schiff had egg on his face when special counsel Robert Mueller said no evidence linked Trump with Russia and he cleared Trump from any obstruction of justice.

“Sometimes there is no way to comfort yourself when you’ve acted like a jackass.” – Peg Bracken

Schiff was determined to impeach Trump again; this time on an alleged complaint by a whistleblower. Using his best amateur thespian skills he performed a parody of an alleged quid pro quo phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. After another lengthy impeachment trial, Trump was acquitted since all the evidence Schiff presented was declared hearsay.

Last month when Schiff announced he would run for Sen. Diane Feinstein’s Senate seat, the far left jumped on him. They argued Schiff failed in two attempts to take out Trump and he slow-walked attacking his administration. He also did not live up to his obligation as a leftist hit man.

They claimed that although Schiff has positioned himself as a fighter against the alleged “MAGA extremists” and a champion of progressive values and causes, he did not execute those ideals. The group said that Schiff has been too passive and lacked the aggressiveness to be a senator.

“I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said “Adam Schiff plays the role of Trump antagonist on TV, but he stalled and undermined leaders trying to hold Trump accountable in Congress. And he never challenged corporations or went against the Democratic establishment.”

In a statement following Schiff’s announcement, U.S. Rep Kate Porter said, “Our senator should work for Californians, not corporations. I’m proud to be the only candidate who has never taken a dime of corporate money. California needs a progressive warrior in Washington to promote our causes.”

In response to the criticism from Green and Porter, Schiff said, “I wouldn’t be doing this without Feinstein’s blessing.” Schiff’s campaign says, “Adam has always championed progressive values and led the fight to protect our democracy and puts California’s values first.”

Solomon wrote, “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” Since California pits the two candidates that get the highest number of primary votes, we’ll likely see progressives Adam Schiff and Katie Porter running against each other for Feinstein’s seat. Since they’d both have to give up their House seats to run for the Senate, it would be beneficial for the GOP to have two fewer progressives in the House. And replacing a progressive with a progressive in the Senate would be status quo for California.

Even if Schiff wins a seat in the Senate, would he be content being just another vote in Congress? Or would he seek a more challenging position elsewhere? Let us not forget Adam Schiff still lives in his Hollywood district and has aspirations to write and sell movie scripts about a hero prosecutor.

Schiff could write some great illusionary tails about his time in Congress; although he was not the fictional hero prosecutor he envisioned he’d be. But he did learn a lot about fiction during two failed impeachments and it shows he is a great creative writer. Therefore, he’d be walking down the patch so many other out-of-work politicians have walked.

“Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards. If you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.” – Ronald Reagan

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