Huma Abedin – aide and confidant to Hillary Clinton – was listed as an editor of a radical Islamic magazine … but it’s likely most Americans haven’t heard a thing about that.

The New York Post outed Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department over the weekend. For 12 years before her gig with Clinton – and by the way, her simultaneous job as a paid advisor to the Clinton Foundation – Abedin was listed on the masthead of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

“Which is on record as opposing women’s rights and apparently blamed the U.S. for [the events of] 9/11,” says Geoff Dickens of Media Research Center – adding that he views it as one more example of a compliant press giving their favorite candidate a pass.

“This story broke on Sunday, and [at the time of this interview] none of the big three networks – ABC, CBS or NBC – has reported on this. FOX News’ Mike Emanuel did,” he notes.

The MRC spokesman compares that with the spotlight the media throws on the Republican candidate. “If Donald Trump had a close aide who was involved with an organization that blamed America for 9/11 or was against women’s rights, I think you’d see it all over the place,” he argues.

And that’s not just mere speculation, Dickens notes, pointing that there’s been “a lot of reporting” about Steve Bannon – Trump’s new campaign CEO – being hired from Brietbart. Recent headlines argue that Bannon is a Leninist, that he’s linked with a neo-Nazi group, and that “if you haven’t heard of Breitbart News, that means you do not have a racist uncle on Facebook.”


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