(The Center Square) – About 4,000 auto dealers from all 50 states have signed a letter to President Joe Biden saying electric vehicles are “stacking up on our lots” as the demand for electric cars has “stalled.”

“BEVs [battery electric vehicles] are stacking up on our lots,” the auto dealers stated in the letter. “Last year, there was a lot of hope and hype about EVs. Early adopters formed an initial line and were ready to buy these vehicles as soon as we had them to sell. But that enthusiasm has stalled. Today, the supply of unsold BEVs is surging, as they are not selling nearly as fast as they are arriving at our dealerships – even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives, and generous government incentives.”

The letter stated: “Mr. President, it is time to tap the brakes on the unrealistic government electric vehicle mandate. Allow time for the battery technology to advance. Allow time to make BEVs more affordable. Allow time to develop domestic sources for the minerals to make batteries. Allow time for the charging infrastructure to be built and prove reliable. And most of all, allow time for the American consumer to get comfortable with the technology and make the choice to buy an electric vehicle.”

There are 18,230 light vehicle dealerships in the United States.

The Sierra Club is the largest leading grassroots environmental organization focused on promoting green energy and the healing power of nature. The group conducted surveys throughout several dealerships across all 50 states.

The Sierra Club said the U.S. auto industry is “largely” failing to meet consumer demands when it involves electric vehicles.

In May, the Sierra Club did an investigation of car dealerships and their sales of EVs.

While electric vehicles did exceed 5% of new car sales in 2022, and eventually reaching 10% by the end of the year according to the surveys, still 66% of dealerships did not have electric vehicles available for purchase, leaving only 34% of dealerships with available electric vehicles for sale.

“We are in a climate crisis and at a major inflection point for the American electric vehicle industry, and yet automakers are still pumping out millions of gas-powered vehicles while they lag on their EV commitments,” said Sierra Club Clean Transportation for All Director Katherine Garcia in a media release.

Others are not convinced there is an appetite for more EVs.

“Despite taxpayer-funded subsidies that artificially reduce costs, consumer demand for EVs persistently lags supply, and the vehicles sit on lots longer than gas- and diesel-powered cars,” American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle, a founding member of the Save Our Cars Coalition said in a statement. “By speaking out, hopefully, these auto dealers will be able to help persuade the administration that American families should have the freedom to buy the vehicle that best suits their budget and lifestyle while encouraging fair competition in the automotive industry.”

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