The Oregon Dept. of Education is encouraging middle school teachers to confront white supremacy by lowering standards for minority students and their wrong answers.

Did you know that insisting on the right answer or showing your work is a symptom of “white supremacy culture” that harms minorities?

According to a Math Equity Micro-Course recommended by the Oregon Department of Education, there’s no such thing as objectivity, and “upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers” causes fear in minority students.

Instead of focusing on one right answer, the course recommends that teachers “come up with at least two answers that might solve the problem.”

“There are right answers in math,” Jeff Crank, a radio talk show host, tells One News Now.

According to the dumbed-down rules in Oregon classrooms, however, that observation could land Crank in trouble for harming minority students.

What good does it do for black students in the future, he says, when they can’t balance a checkbook because the teacher insisted that learning how was racist?

In the twisted effort to keep students from harm, Crank says Oregon school leaders have actually come up with some very racist ideas in a bid to rid the classroom of racism.

“To not hold black kids to the same standard,” he warns, “you hold everybody else, and say, These are the answers. We know you’re smart enough to get it. But instead, they, in a very racist way, say, Oh, we don’t think you’re smart enough to get it, so we’re not gonna make you learn the truth.”


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