While the federal government drags its heels taking action against abortion, cities in America are taking action themselves – while they’re still able.

Lebanon, Ohio, is the first city in the state to ban abortion and abortion clinics in city limits. It’s the 29th such “sanctuary city” in America, 26 of them in Texas. Mark Harrington, president and founder of Created Equal, launched the Ohio campaign this spring – and he explains that cities are acting because the federal government is delinquent in moving pro-life legislation.

“Joe Biden said that he wants abortion access in every ZIP code in America,” the pro-life leader points out. “And one thing that we can take from that is that we need to take him at his word that this is what they plan to do, and we need to be proactive and prevent that from happening.”

At the same time, says Harrington, an opportunity exists to overturn legal precedent that legalized abortion in 1973 at the U.S. Supreme Court – but threats on the horizon could impede that.

“The Biden administration has said they want to pack the court; they want to add two states to the union so they can have a permanent majority in the Senate; they want to end the filibuster; they want to rig our elections,” Harrington lists. “The tyranny that we’re experiencing is dizzying – so this is the time for cities to take action.”

Harrington also explains why smaller towns are becoming sanctuary cities for the unborn. He points out that if an abortion clinic in a large town is taking a lot of heat, sometimes it will reestablish itself in a smaller community nearby – and many of those communities don’t want to have a facility within their jurisdiction for terminating the lives of preborn babies.


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