As the seeming disasters for the Biden Cabal continue to unfold, revealing new security breaches and flagrant mishandling of classified documents that exceed any standard of actionable misconduct, two things become clear to Americans who know enough to reject the Fake News narrative. First, Ol’ Joe is clueless as to what the ruckus is all about, and has been in that state of mental numbness for his entire stint in the White House. Secondly, and most importantly, absolutely none of this situation has anything to do with genuine interest for National security among the leftist political establishment.

Despite the grandstanding and melodrama, the sudden claims of grave concern over our Nation’s vulnerability are totally debunked by the manner in which these same Deep State players have consistently decimated every aspect of our Nation’s standing, and its defenses against foreign hostility. Had they any real interest in the integrity of our National government, they would have been turning each other over to authorities months, and even years ago. The entire spectacle is a total fraud.

Since the systematic corrupting and re-invention of every high level federal office by Barack Obama, we’ve witnessed the subsequent total weaponization of once revered institutions such as the DOJ and FBI, neither of which is any longer about the venerated “rule of law.” Nor do they have any interest in their perfunctory oaths to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Throughout the Trump Presidency, Americans watched in abject horror as every major department sought to directly undermine the Chief Executive, even on such fundamental issues as border security and electoral integrity. Thus they defied and rebuffed the expressed will of the American people who duly elected Donald Trump to lead the Nation.

With the onset of the “pandemic” scam of 2020, every possible effort was made by those with any claim to power to stoke fears and trample basic rights. And though their malignant intent was in fact evident from the start, it has since become inescapably clear that the entire disaster was a premeditated power grab, for the purpose of securing unquestioned fealty to the system by a frightened and helpless populace.

One lie after another was proclaimed in a thoroughly scripted and coordinated manner, with every leftist Fake New outlet dutifully echoing the architects of fear and dystopia. Actual effective treatments for the disease were roundly and universally condemned and even outlawed, though they posed no danger to the people, other than that they would summarily shut down the “pandemic,” thus ending the real agenda behind it. Instead, the people were pounded with demands of submitting to a “vaccine” with, at best, very limited effectiveness and dubious side effects.

Of course this all culminated in November of 2020 when the Presidential Election degenerated into a circus of third world chicanery during the wee hours of the morning after, with the predictable result being the unelectable “candidate” completely turning the tables and securing a razor thin “victory” under cover of darkness. Or so we were told. Since that time, it has almost become a felony to suggest otherwise. Again, this is totally reflective of third world tinhorns and their acolytes, of which Barack Obama, during his formative years, was among the most dutiful.

We now live in a nation, the governing principles of which are far more in line with the vile agenda of the WEF than any noble ideals envisioned by the Founders. So we can be sure that for whatever reason, this entire “classified documents scandal” has been thoroughly contrived and choreographed.

It certainly was never beneath Joe Biden, throughout his public career, to play fast and loose with the law, any more than it currently is for Hunter to follow in the sullied footsteps of “Dear Old Dad.” He was, of course, VP under Obama for his two terms. And all of this was preceded by the Clintons as they slithered into one brazen corrupt scam after another, from Cattle Futures, to Troopergate, to Sandy Berger’s theft of documents at the National Archives, to the selling of sensitive ICBM data to the Chinese, to Hillary’s stint at the State Department, which she converted, via her illegal server, into a revolving door of solicited bribes for the Clinton Foundation. And the list goes on.

So why now? Why, all of a sudden, are we supposed to believe that those corrupt posers at the darkest depths of the D.C. Swamp/Sewer, are in a monumental struggle to get to the truth, and ensure that justice is served? Several scenarios have been hypothesized, mostly relating to the removal of Biden from office before the 2024 elections. Admittedly, anything is possible with these people. Yet each of those poses its own complications.

Here’s another very disturbing, but very real possibility. What if the plan, all along, was to remove Biden through impeachment and trial? Leftists/Democrats are perfectly willing to make Ol’ Joe their “sacrificial goat.” And they wouldn’t fear bad political press. They are shameless enough to grandstand as “putting principle over party,” unlike those nasty Republicans who failed to do so in the two sham “impeachments” of Donald Trump.

It certainly doesn’t matter that the two situations are vastly different, or that in the case of President Trump, his possession of the documents in question was totally legal. For too many Americans, including GOP “Establishment” lackeys and other Republican invertebrates, it only matters how the situations are perceived. And of course the leftist Democrats know the network Fake News anchors have their backs on that one. So if they could make the case that Biden mishandling classified documents does indeed disqualify him for office, they’d be in a great position to falsely insist Trump also not be allowed to run in 2024.

This could explain much, including the seeming “bolt out of the blue” Mar-a-Lago raid by the FBI on Trump’s home, a few months back. It could have all been part of a grand, premeditated scheme to eliminate the worst fear of leftist Democrat and RINOs, which is the prospect of Donald Trump’s triumphal return to the White House in January of 2025.

Of one thing Americans can and must be aware. Nothing in this situation is as it is being presented by official spokesmen or on the nightly Fake News. And playing along with it on that basis is the most dangerous response our side could give to the enemy. At this point we must watch and wait. But we’ve been given plenty of proof that we can never again trust them in any manner.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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