Nasty women may vote, but they don’t shake hands.

At least not with Republican education secretary appointees, as we saw Tuesday when Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren refused to shake Betsy DeVos’ hand as she was leaving the congressional hearing.

Was it that Warren, a multi-millionaire capitalist turned socialist, has no class? Or has she become so partisan she can’t engage in a timeless, civil gesture with the opposing party?

Thankfully, other members of Congress on both sides of the aisle demonstrated professional respect and shook DeVos’ hand, including far left liberal U.S. Sen. Al Franken. But Warren? She swatted DeVos’ offer of a cordial handshake away.

On my show yesterday, I asked baseball legend Curt Schilling about it.

“She grandstanded at the hearings … and was petty with Betsy DeVos,” he said. “And I think those types of things are very insightful as to what kind of character someone has or lack of character a person has. … She’s a classless person.”

When I asked the former Red Sox pitcher, who is mulling a run against Warren, about her re-election bid and whether she deserves another six years representing Massachusetts, he said, “No. She’s an embarrassment. … She’s become the poster child for what real American people despise about Washington.

“I don’t mind that she got paid an extraordinary amount of money to teach one class at Harvard. I don’t mind that she lives in a huge home and she’s very wealthy. I love that stuff. That’s success. What I do mind is, like every other liberal I know who gets there, is they talk down on the system that got them there.”

Schilling then discussed Warren’s penchant for grandstanding before the cameras.

“She lambasted the chairman of Wells Fargo and that was it. She didn’t do anything. She talked really tough on TV and walked away. They didn’t punish anyone and he walks away with a nine-figure settlement,” he said.

When I asked him how Warren — who claims to be anti-Wall Street — could campaign for Hillary Clinton, a major vessel of Wall Street cash, Schilling explained, “Warren wants to rail against big banks and then take big banks’ money.”

Worse he said, “She backed the party that rigged the election against Bernie Sanders. The (DNC) rigged the election so Hillary could win.”

Schilling said he’s still undecided about whether he’ll challenge Warren at this point. He’s waiting for his wife and family’s blessing.

Adriana Cohen is host of the “Adriana Cohen Show” airing Wednesdays at noon on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16.


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