Thousands of poor, innocent children streaming illegally across the border!

Picked up in the middle of the desert and detained like little criminals!

Rounded up and ripped away from their families!

Locked in wire cages like animals!

The human crisis raging on America’s southern border has gripped the media like never before.

Twelve thousand headlines about Russian dressing, Stormy Daniels undressing, and chaos in the White House has them in a sleep-deprived, drug-induced zombie coma. In a slumbering fit of wakefulness, they discovered there are people sneaking across the Mexican border. And — Oh my gosh! — there are children with them!

Um, yes. This has been going on for a long time. They have been streaming over the border. By the millions.

There have been a bunch of stories written about it. There was even an entire presidential campaign run on the issue. And the guy won.

His name is Donald Trump. He is now president. Because he vowed to build a wall along the border.

And, yes, children have always been the most tragic part of illegal immigration.

For decades now, women — and, yes, even children — have been taken as slaves by coyotes who traverse the border with them. It’s a huge industry. It is called “human trafficking.”

Children are prized because they can be handed around by thuggy criminals who claim to be related to the children so that said thuggy criminal might get a more welcoming treatment since — obviously — he’s a dad and a husband seeking a better life for his family.

Happy Father’s Day!

Also prized are women and young girls. They’re great for raping!

Now comes the dazed American media all shocked and stunned to learn that this is going on in America. On the border.

And who is to blame?

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Human traffickers? Coyotes? Politicians who allow this to go on? Rapists?

No! None of them are to blame.

All the blame lies with the evil storm troopers in the Border Patrol who think they have some kind of right to just stop illegal immigrants from illegally crossing the border to be in the United States illegally. Such jackbooted, racist thugs.

Also to blame are politicians who want to do something to stop the flow of illegal aliens storming into the country. Illegally.

That would not, of course, be most politicians in Washington. No, those politicians are far more interested in appearing to be compassionate — all the while they encourage and celebrate human trafficking, slavery and rape.

So, instead for fixing the damned border, they would rather reward a bunch of young illegals aliens illegally in the United States, provided they have been here a certain amount of time and arrived here young enough.

You know, really celebrate child slavery by encouraging more of it.

Please, in all seriousness, name for me one single raped child slave on the border today who will be helped by granting citizenship or whatever to a bunch of so-called “DREAMers”?

The answer is not a single one. Because the only thing that happens if you reward these illegal aliens in the country illegally — before securing the border — is to invite even more young children to be kidnapped into child slavery and worse, and then dragged across the border to be put into wire cages.

There is one thing that will put a halt to all of it immediately. That would be build the wall!

You do that, and the human trafficking industry evaporates immediately. No more hopeless children at the border. No more slavery and rapes along the border. No more Death Trains and rape trees. No more drugs and gang members filtering through a porous border.

That is the campaign President Trump ran on. And voters loved and voted him into office.

It was the only sensible answer before the election. It is the only sensible answer today.

Build the wall!

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